Is there a Leilani flower?

Leilani means ‘royal child of heaven’. Cheerful yellow flowers on strong upright stems, its elegant petals encircle large yellow-green cones. This divine beauty won Top Performer in Colorado State University Flower Trials in 2014.

Does Leilani mean flower?

The name Leilani is primarily a female name of Hawaiian origin that means Heavenly Flower/Child Of Royalty.

What does Leilani mean?

heavenly child
What does Leilani mean? heavenly child. Hawaiian.

What does Leilani mean in the Bible?

The meaning of this Leilani is Heavenly blossoms.

Is Leilani a pretty name?

Although Leilani is ranked #268 nationwide, in Hawaii it’s currently the 24th most popular girl’s name (2011). This beautiful name first appeared on the U.S. popularity charts in 1937 suggesting Hawaii was influencing the mainland far before the islands became a state.

Is Leilani a rare name?

Leilani is predominantly a girl’s name, with 99.95 % of girls (35784) and 0.05% (19) of boys called by this name. 2012 recorded the highest popularity of the name when 1,403 people in the US were named Leilani.

What language is Leilani?

The Hawaiian word lei refers to flowers and lani to the sky or heavens, with an association to royalty.

Leilani (given name)
Meaning“heavenly garland of flowers” or “royal child”
Other names

How do you say Leilani in English?

How do you spell Leilani in Hawaiian?

When did Reed and Leilani start dating?

In 2019, Leilani started dating Reed Woehrle, a fellow TikTok star. Leilani Castro Green, known as Leilani Castro, was born on August 17, 2001 in California in the United States.

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