Is The Revenant a masterpiece?

“The Revenant” is a work of art visually and technically. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (“Gravity,” “Birdman” and “Children of Men”) and Director Alejandro Iñárritu created a visual and technical masterpiece. Every shot in “The Revenant” is unique, and they are often breathtaking.

Is The Revenant movie boring?

It’s boring and nothing happens

Even most of the The Revenant ‘s positive reviews say it’s long. And yes, it’s definitely a slog through a brutal winter wilderness that’s punctuated with action.

Was The Revenant a flop?

The film was a blockbuster, grossing $533 million worldwide.

Is Revenant worth watching Reddit?

I just watched the Revenant for the fifth time today and I can’t get over how incredible it is. The cinematography is some of the best I’ve ever seen, the score is incredible and the acting is amazing. To me this film is just masterfully done and is easily worthy of the 3 oscars it won.

Was The Revenant based on a true story?

Though it may seem unlikely, this gripping thriller is indeed based on a true story. Having said that, the creators have also taken some creative liberties to appeal to a larger audience. The Revenant is based on the highly recognised figure in American history, Hugh Glass.

Is The Revenant on Netflix?

In the 1820s, a fur trapper struggles for survival to exact retribution against a ruthless mercenary who left him to die along the Missouri River. Watch all you want.