How much is a DOT physical in SC?

$60. to $125
How much is a DOT physical? The cost of a DOT Physical Exam can range from $60. to $125. Call (864) 307-8672 or send us a text to get your DOT Medical Exam cost.

Where can I get a DOT physical in NC?

If you need an inexpensive DOT exam by a certified DOT medical examiner in Charlotte NC, you can call a chiropractic office near you at 704-541-7111, to obtain your medical examiners certificates for your commercial motor vehicles driving privileges.

How much is a DOT physical in Kentucky?

$85 CDL / DOT Physical Exam Medical Card Location | Maysville, KY.

How much does a DOT physical cost in NC?

A DOT physical exam includes a health history, vision and hearing test, and physical exam. A urine sample will also be taken to test for protein, glucose, specific gravity (urine to water ratio), and whether blood is present. The cost for the DOT physical exam is $75.

How do I get a dot number in NC?

To request the forms by telephone: You can call 1-800-832-5660 to have a form(s) mailed to you. Once you have completed the MCS-150, OP-1 (MX) and BOC-3 forms, you must print the completed forms, sign them, and mail them to the address indicated in the instructions for each form.

Where can I get a DOT physical in Michigan?

Occupational Health Locations for DOT Exams
  • Caro, MI. McLaren Caro Region – Caro Medical Clinic. 220 E Frank St. …
  • Oxford, MI. Occupational Health-Oxford. 385 N Lapeer Rd. …
  • Port Huron, MI. McLaren Port Huron Industrial Health Occupational Medicine. 1644 Stone St. …
  • Vassar, MI. McLaren Caro Region – Family Medicine – Vassar.

Do I need a DOT physical in Michigan?

All Michigan CDL holders are required to certify the type of commercial operation they’re engaged in. You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements. You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.

What is the Michigan DOT physical?

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals in Michigan

MyMichigan’s Occupational Health program performs DOT physicals that determine a driver’s physical condition to operate a commercial motor vehicle, enabling you and your employees to comply with the requirements of the Michigan Department of Transportation.

How much is a DOT physical in Michigan?

Our fees for DOT physicals are competitively priced at $95. This is an averaged price for Michigan. Locally, some drivers may be able to get a DOT physical at less cost, but drivers prefer having us drive to their location, decreased down time, and less exposure to illnesses in a typical waiting room.

What happens if your DOT medical card expires in Michigan?

What happens if my medical examiner’s certificate or variance expires before I provide the Secretary of State’s Office with a new one? The Secretary of State’s Office will notify you that you are no longer medically certified to operate a commercial motor vehicle in non-excepted interstate commerce.

What is medical certificate for driving Licence?

The medical certificate should state the applicant is physically and mentally fit to drive; has clear eyesight and is not colorblind or otherwise needs proper corrective glasses; and has clear hearing or otherwise needs a hearing device.

Who needs a DOT medical card in Michigan?

A DOT Medical Examiner’s Certification is necessary for the following situations: Operation of a vehicle with a GVWR or GCWR of 10,001 pounds or more. Operation of a vehicle designed to transport more than 15 passengers. Operation of a vehicle used to transport hazardous materials.

How much is a CDL permit in Michigan?

Licensing fees are $25 for the standard CDL, or $45 for the enhanced CDL, and $5 for each endorsement.

How much is a physical in Michigan?

The price of a physical varies according to the nature of the examination. Annual physical exams can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 without insurance, and $10 to $50 with coverage. DOT physicals, on the other hand, typically cost around $95 to $140 dollars without insurance.

Where do I send my DOT medical card in Michigan?

You may need to provide a valid medical examiner’s certificate and show any medical variance documents you have when renewing your CDL or obtaining an original one. You can provide this by visiting any Secretary of State branch office, faxing it to 517-636-4359 or submitting it online at

How do I obtain my CDL?

How to get your CDL
  1. Pass the age requirements. Most states allow you to obtain a CDL at the age of 18. …
  2. Get a CLP. …
  3. Attend a CDL program. …
  4. Pass a knowledge exam and skills test. …
  5. Have the necessary documentation. …
  6. Pass a background screen and undergo a physical. …
  7. Be aware of any additional requirements.

How do you get a shofer license in Michigan?

To obtain a chauffeur license, you must pass the written chauffeur license knowledge test – no skills test is required unless you have never been licensed. A commercial driver license in addition to the chauffeur license may be required to operate certain commercial vehicles.

Can I get a CDL with a DUI in Michigan?

Yes, any driving under the influence conviction will make you ineligible for a commercial driver’s license.

How do I submit a DOT physical to the DMV in Louisiana?

Customers can submit their medical examiner certificate to the Office of Motor Vehicles in the following ways:
  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Fax: 225-925-3901.
  3. Mail: Office of Motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 64886, Baton Rouge, LA 70896.

What do I do if my CDL is downgraded?

CDL Downgraded for Medical Certification

If your CDL or CLP has been downgraded due to an expired Medical Examiner’s Certificate, you must visit your local driver license office to be upgraded.