How much does it cost to challenge the CNA exam in Florida?

The fee for the two required tests is $140. The retake fee is $105 for the clinical skills test and $35 for the written test (regardless of test format). Rescheduling incurs additional fees. A test taker is allowed up to three attempts and up to two years.

Can I take my CNA test online?

Can you take the CNA test online? Yes, the certification exam has a section that can be administered online. However, it is only offered at specific locations and is proctored by Prometric.

What is the passing score for CNA in Florida?

a 72% or higher
The written exam questions are based on the Florida state approved test plan. You must score a 72% or higher to pass the written exam.

Can you work as a CNA without a license in Florida?

Working Without Certification

According to the Florida Board of Nursing, employers may hire non-certified nursing assistants and allow them to perform the duties of a CNA for a short period of time if permitted by the laws of that state.

What is on the Florida CNA exam?

Applicants, both first-time and re-certifying, must pass the Prometric CNA Exam which is a 2 part examination, consisting of a written and a performance (skills) section. The Written Test is a ninety (90) minute test with sixty (60) multiple-choice questions written in English.

How do I get my CNA license in Florida?

How to Apply for a Florida CNA License
  1. Apply with Prometric. The Florida Board of Nursing contracts with Prometric for CNA Florida certification and licensure. …
  2. Schedule an electronic fingerprint appointment. …
  3. Wait for results. …
  4. Take the exam.

Can a CNA challenge the LPN exam in Florida?

In Florida, for one example, the state Board of Nursing says you can challenge if you’ve completed courses equivalent to a practical nursing education.

What is the minimum wage for CNA in Florida?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for CNAs in Florida in 2020 was $28,660 per year or $13.78 per hour. Indeed reports the average base salary for a CNA in Florida as $34,049 per year ($15.03 per hour), with up to $4,125 in additional income for overtime.

What can CNAs do in Florida?

(1) A certified nursing assistant shall provide care and assist residents with the following tasks related to the activities of daily living only under the general supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse: (a) Tasks associated with personal care: 1. Bathing; 2. Dressing; 3. Grooming; 4.

How many times can you challenge the CNA test in Florida?

You can challenge the exam up to three times. After the third time, you are not barred from the exam—you are just required to attend a training course before trying again.

Can a CNA challenge the LVN exam?

When you have satisfied the necessities you can challenge the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse, or NCLEX-PN for your LVN assignment.

How many times can you fail the NCLEX in Florida?

Yes. After three failures of the same level of examination (RN or LPN), regardless of jurisdiction, the applicant must successfully complete a Florida Board of Nursing approved remedial course.

Does Florida have reciprocity for CNA license?

You can apply to the Florida Board of Nursing for reciprocity of your C.N.A. license with another state, without being required to take the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant exam.

How do I verify a CNA license in Florida?

You can reach the registry at (850) 245-4125 or by email at [email protected].

How long does it take to become a CNA in Florida?

You must complete a Board approved CNA training program (full 120 hour program) and retake both parts of the exam. You can find a list of approved training programs at

How long is a CNA license good for in Florida?

2 years
Your Florida CNA license is good for 2 years. The Board of Nursing sends out renewal letters to your last known address. It is your responsibility to keep your address current with the Nursing Assistant Registry.

Can I use my NY CNA license in another state?

If your new state doesn’t have a reciprocity agreement with your old state, then you’ll have to go through the full certification process again. That means taking the class and passing the licensing exams and whatever other requirements your new state has to be licensed as a CNA.

Where can I take the CNA state exam?

The exams are only given at Prometric approved test centers. Please go to to locate the Bulletin of information for your state and a list of approved testing locations.

Do you need a highschool diploma to be a CNA in Florida?

Do I need a high school diploma or GED? No. If you are age 18 or older, you do not need a High School Diploma or GED to become a Florida Certified Nurse Assistant. However, if you are under the age of 18, you must have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Can I transfer my Florida CNA License to Michigan?

Transferring a CNA Certification From Another State to Michigan. If you worked as a certified nursing assistant in another state and hold a current active certification, it is often possible to transfer your certification to Michigan.

Can you be CNA certified in two states?

Eligibility for each are listed below. Must have completed a state approved nurse aide training program in another state within the last 24 months; Must be currently listed on another state’s registry in an unexpired status and in good standing.