What does it mean when something is troubling you?

1. To bother or inconvenience someone with something, such as a problem, question, or task.

What does it mean when someone is troubling?

troubled Add to list Share. Use the adjective troubled to describe someone who is upset or distressed, or a situation that is difficult. If your mom and your sister fight a lot, often bitterly, you might say that their relationship is troubled.

What is the synonym of troubling?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for troubling, like: bothering, disturbing, distressing, distressful, perturbing, worrisome, worrying, paining, vexing, laboring and incommoding.

What does it mean to be a troubled girl?

1 a state or condition of mental distress or anxiety.

What does the word trouble mean in the Bible?

“The word “Trouble” in Hebrew is “Akar” and can have two meanings: bad trouble or good trouble… Is trouble good? Is trouble bad? Well, it all depends on the heart behind the trouble. Trouble caused by the wicked was never good.

What is another word for tough times?

What is another word for tough time?
rocky roadrough patch
difficult timehard time
challenging perioddifficult chapter
bad timetorture

What is a troubled teenager?

A ‘troubled teen’ is a term used for a youth that is having problems which are causing negative. behaviors and if these problems continue to affect the teen, he/she will not develop into a happy. successful adult. These problems are beyond the normal issues that all adolescents face or they.