How do I cancel my plexus subscription?

Sign into My Account through Under My Account, click My Subscription. Click View Details on the Subscription you wish to cancel. Scroll to the bottom and click Cancel Subscription.

How much is a Plexus membership?

Retail Customers vs VIP Customers
When it comes to:Retail Customers:VIP Customers:
Upline Brand Ambassador’s CommissionsOrders count towards their upline Brand Ambassador’s commissions for the month their order is placedSame as Retail Customer
The Plexus Annual Membership Renewal FeeNo feePay $19.95
Feb 16, 2022

How do I get a refund from Plexus?

To Request a Product Return or Refund:

Call Customer Service at: 480-998-3490 or submit the Refund Request Form.

Can you change Plexus sponsors?

For Retail Customers to Request a Correction:

To request a correction of Sponsor, fill out the Sponsor Correction Request form with the name of the Brand Ambassador/Sponsor you are requesting. (The information provided on the form must match the information listed on the account requesting a sponsor correction.)

Is Plexus a scheme?

Plexus is a company that offers weight loss products which are sold often on social media with distributors called plexus ambassadors. There are a lot of claims that the Plexus line of products improve gut health but these claims are not backed by science.

Is Plexus approved by the FDA?

Health and weight loss supplements – like Plexus – are not regulated by the FDA, which means they don’t have to prove they’re safe or effective to be on the market.