Is Myrtle Amanda Holden’s real Nan?

Is Myrtle Amanda Holden’s real nan? No, Myrtle in The Holden Girls isn’t Amanda Holden’s real nan. In fact, in this E4 comedy, she’s played by Leigh Francis. In the run up to the series, Myrtle’s identity was kept under wraps, and it was only in the first episode the actor was unveiled.

Is that really Amanda Holden’s man?

Viewers called it

One said: “Amanda Holden’s “Nan” is 100% Keith Lemon aka Leigh Francis. Just looks like a slightly more modern version of his Bo Selecta characters.”

Is Keith Lemon Amanda Holden’s Nan?

The E4 show has Amanda Holden exploring her “unique relationship” with her nan, who is played by Keith Lemon, as well as other family members.

Who is Amanda Holdens husband?

Les Dennis

m. 1995–2003
Amanda Holden/Husband

Who’s playing Amanda Holden’s Nan?

comedian Leigh Francis
Initially, they found themselves questioning who Amanda’s ‘nan’ was before it was revealed to be comedian Leigh Francis – aka Keith Lemon.

Who is Amanda Holden’s grandmother Myrtle?

star Leigh Francis
Holden’s grandmother Myrtle is played by Keith Lemon star Leigh Francis. Amanda Holden has been the face of many hit TV shows across the past two decades, from Britain’s Got Talentto BBC’s I Can See Your Voice.

How old is Amanda Holden?

Is Mandy and Myrtle filmed in Amanda’s real house?

She said the programme is not filmed in Amanda’s own home and while one of her daughters does appear in it, other characters are played by actors. Pam said she was delighted to have succeeded in getting a part in the episode because since the beginning of the pandemic, work has been thin on the ground.

Who is Amanda Holden daughter?

Amanda Holden/Daughters

How old is Amanda Holdens husband Chris Hughes?

Amanda Holden has gushed about her marriage to “fit” husband Chris Hughes just days ahead of their 13th wedding anniversary. Speaking to the Mirror, the 50-year-old – who shares two daughters with the record producer – revealed the secret to a good marriage.

Are they Amanda Holdens real daughters in Mandy and Myrtle?

To confuse viewers into thinking the spoof documentary is actually real, Amanda’s real husband Chris and daughters Alexa, 15, and Hollie, nine, make cameo appearances. The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle is written by Jamie Deeks and Dan Johnston and will consist of eight half-hour episodes.

Are they Amanda Holden’s children in Mandy and Myrtle?

Most of Amanda’s family, including her two daughters, take part in the series – and make frequent appearances on the 50-year-old’s social media, but fans rarely get to see Amanda’s husband, Chris.

Does Amanda Holden live in Petersham?

Actress and TV star Amanda Holden, 46, lives in Petersham, Surrey, with record producer husband Chris Hughes, 42, and daughters Lexi, 10, and four-year-old Holly. Here she talks to House Beautiful about making her house a home, her dream walk-in wardrobe, and why her dining table is a keeper.

Is Amanda Holdens real kids?

Amanda Holden has two kids – daughters Alexa ‘Lexi’, 16, and 10-year-old Hollie – with husband Chris Hughes. The couple are also parents to son Theo who was stillborn at seven months and would have marked his 11th birthday this year.

Is Amanda Holden’s Nan still alive?

Amanda’s real-life nan was named Ethel Thomas but sadly died back in 2018 at the age of 97. The eight-part spoof documentary-style programme first aired tonight after much anticipation.

What is Keith Lemons real name?

Leigh Izaak Francis is an English comedian, actor, writer, director, and producer. He is best known for creating Channel 4’s Bo’ Selecta! and portraying Keith Lemon in several ITV shows including Celebrity Juice, Through the Keyhole, and The Keith Lemon Sketch Show.