Why can I feel the strings of my IUD?

If you feel the strings, then your IUD is in place and should be working. Determine if the strings have moved: If the strings feel longer or shorter than the last time you checked them, or if you feel the hard part of the IUD against your cervix, your IUD may have moved.

How much of your IUD strings should you be able to feel?

These strings are about 2 inches long — just long enough to be able to feel them with the tip of your finger.

When should I be concerned about my IUD strings?

If a person cannot feel their intrauterine device (IUD) strings, there is usually no need to worry. There are many reasons why this may happen, and it is not often a cause for concern. According to an article in Contraception, up to 18% of people cannot find their IUD strings when they try to locate them.

How long does it take IUD strings to soften?

However, there is a small chance that they may feel the strings of the IUD. If it is bothersome, you have a couple of options—the strings often soften after the IUD has been in place for a few months, but if it is still an issue your provider may be able to cut the strings shorter.

How do I know if my IUD is out of place?

Signs Your IUD Is Out of Place
  1. You can’t feel the strings. …
  2. Your strings are shorter or longer than usual. …
  3. You feel the IUD itself. …
  4. Your partner feels the IUD. …
  5. You feel pain. …
  6. You have heavy or abnormal bleeding. …
  7. You have severe cramping, abnormal discharge, or fever.

What does it mean if your IUD strings feel longer?

If the strings feel longer or shorter than before, or you feel the hard, plastic part of the IUD against your cervix, the IUD may have moved. If the IUD has slipped out or moved, do not try to put it back in place on your own. Be sure to use a back-up method of birth control until you see your health care provider.

Can you feel IUD strings with fingers?

You can – and should – check your IUD placement.

I let my patient feel the strings. If you put your fingers in your vagina, at the end of it, you’ll feel those strings. So once a month, check for those strings. In four to six weeks after insertion, if you don’t feel the strings, I need to see you.”

Can you feel an IUD with your fingers?

All IUDs have strings on them so your nurse or doctor can pull it out of your uterus when you want it removed. When an IUD is in the right place in your uterus, about 1-2 inches of that string sticks out through your cervix — you may be able to feel it if you put your finger deep into your vagina and touch your cervix.