How do you cite et al in citations?

The abbreviation “et al.” (meaning “and others”) is used to shorten in-text citations with three or more authors. Here’s how it works: Only include the first author’s last name, followed by “et al.”, a comma and the year of publication, for example (Taylor et al., 2018).

How do you use et al?

How to Use Et Al.
  1. Don’t use et al. …
  2. For references with three to five authors, list all the authors in the first citation of the work, but abbreviate using the name of the first author and et al. …
  3. For references with more than six authors, cite using the first author’s name plus et al.

How do you cite authors with et al?

List only the first author’s name followed by “et al.” in every citation, even the first, unless doing so would create ambiguity between different sources. In et al., et should not be followed by a period. Only “al” should be followed by a period.

How do you email et al?

The expression et al., which is always followed by a period, stands for “and others.” So the greetings above would mean: Dear John and others, Hello, Kimia and others.

Do you put et al in in text citations MLA?

An MLA in-text citation provides the author’s last name and a page number in parentheses. If a source has two authors, name both. If a source has more than two authors, name only the first author, followed by “et al.” If the part you’re citing spans multiple pages, include the full page range.

How do you write et al example?

Using et al.

The use of “et al.” is the same in both styles. For sources with one, two, or three authors, list all author names in your in-text citations (whether footnotes or author-date). For sources with four or more authors, use the first name followed by “et al.”

What is in-text citation example?

APA in-text citation style uses the author’s last name and the year of publication, for example: (Field, 2005). For direct quotations, include the page number as well, for example: (Field, 2005, p. 14). For sources such as websites and e-books that have no page numbers, use a paragraph number.

How do you use et al in Harvard?

If the work has four or more authors/editors the abbreviation ‘et al. ‘ should be used after the first author’s name. It is also acceptable to use ‘et al. ‘ after the first author if the work has three authors.

How do you cite et al in MLA?

in MLA style. The format to write et al. is always the same: et al. Use lowercase letters with no punctuation after et and a period after al.

Should et al be italicized Harvard?

If you have a choice, consider using “et al.” in your reference list. This is preferable, since it helps keep your references succinct. To use “et al.” in your references, state the name of the first listed author and follow it by “et al.” in italics in the author section of the citation.

How do you use et al at the end of a sentence?

The abbreviation “et al.” deserves a period, and the end of the sentence deserves a period; as long as there’s something between those two periods, I’d use them both.

Is there a comma after et al?

Remember that there is no comma between the surname and “et al.,” and the period goes only after the “al.” The English translation of “et al.” is “and others.” A helpful table of this rule can be found in APA 7, Table 8.1.

Should et al be italicized MLA?

Most major style guides (including APA, MLA, the Chicago Manual of Style, and Harvard) do not require et al. to be italicized. However, some field-specific publications do require the italicization of the phrase, so it’s always a good idea to double-check.

Do you put a full stop after et al in text?

Et al. is a shortened form of the Latin expression et alii meaning ‘and others’. This is abbreviated to et al. (with a full stop at the end) and it is used in a citation when you have three authors or more.

Should I put a comma before et al?

In MLA style, a comma is generally only used before et al. in the “Author” slot of works-cited-list entries when the author’s first and last names are reversed: Burdick, Anne, et al. Digital_Humanities.

Can et al be capitalized?

“et al.” stands for “et alia”. It does NOT have a period after “et” and DOES have one after “al”. Interword spaces: “TeX assumes a period ends a sentence unless it follows an uppercase letter.” (Lamport p. 14) So, put a \_ (where _ means “space”) in a sentence like Smith et al.

Is et al italicized Chicago style?

Although “et al.” is a Latin phrase, in Chicago style it is not italicised. Please note that all authors’ names are listed in the Reference List.

Can you use et al for things?

“Et al.” is a scholarly abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia, which means “and others.” It is commonly used when you don’t want to name all the people or things in a list, and works in roughly the same way as “etc.” “The reorganization plan was designed by Alfred E.

How do you use et al in the middle of a sentence?

The phrase “et al.”—from the Latin et alii, which literally means “and others”—must always be typed with a space between the two words and with a period after the “l” (since the “al.” is an abbreviation). A comma does not follow the abbreviation unless the sentence’s grammar requires it.

What is the latest Chicago style?

The 17th edition, released by the University of Chicago, replaces replaces the 16th edition as the most current Chicago Manual of Style guide. It’s been seven years since the previous edition was released.

What is an author-Date Style citation?

In author-date style, an in-text citation consists of the author’s name, the publication year, and (if relevant) a page number. Each citation must correspond to an entry in the reference list at the end of your paper, where you give full details of the source.

What is Chicago style paper?

Chicago papers should be written with 12-point, Times New Roman font and should be double spaced. Margins should be one inch on each side, and the first sentence of each new paragraph should be indented a half inch.