Can you share your GoodLife membership?

Each pass permits one (1) visit to a Club. Pass only valid for Non-Members who have not been a Member of GoodLife Fitness in the last 3 months. Each person can use a pass every 3 months.

Is a GoodLife membership worth it?

A GoodLife Fitness membership is worth it because it has plenty of cardio and strength machines, free weights, group classes, and a lot of amenities. Most locations also have equipment for powerlifting and functional fitness workouts. And since many locations are open 24 hours, you can work out at any time.

How do I get a key tag for GoodLife?

If you are a new GoodLife Fitness member, your new membership key tag will be available at any GoodLife Fitness Club two to three business days after registration. Simply visit your club of choice and mention you are there to pick up your new key tag. You will be required to show photo ID when you pick up your key tag.

How long can I freeze my GoodLife membership?

The Pay In Full (12-month commitment) corporate membership option cannot be cancelled or put on hold. The Pay Bi-weekly (no commitment) corporate membership option can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice and no cancel fee, and can be put on hold, for up to six months, for a fee.

Who owns GoodLife Fitness Canada?

David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans
David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans is the founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest fitness club chain, fourth largest in the world and largest owned by a single owner.

How do I cancel my GoodLife membership without fee?

How to cancel GoodLife Fitness
  1. Call 1-800-387-2524.
  2. Email [email protected].
  3. In-person with an associate at your local GoodLife Fitness gym.

How do I cancel my GoodLife membership Canada?

To cancel your GoodLife Fitness Subscription, follow these easy steps:
  1. Call 1-800-387-2524.
  2. Email [email protected].
  3. In-person with an associate at your local GoodLife Fitness gym.

How do you unfreeze your GoodLife membership?

You can cancel or freeze your membership by sending us a DM through here two weeks prior to your gym reopening.

How do I cancel my GoodLife Membership Australia?

How do I cancel my membership? Please speak with your home club in person or online – contact details can be found via the Find a Club link – or call 1300 393 733 and enter your home club postcode.

Can you cancel your GoodLife membership at any time?

You may terminate your membership agreement before the expiry of the Minimum Term (or payment amount) if all instalments and fees due up to the date of termination are paid and the relevant cancellation fee is paid in full at time of cancellation request.

Where is GoodLife head office?

How many GoodLife clubs are there in Canada?

Goodlife Fitness Centres Inc. is the largest health club company in Canada with over 450 locations across the country, under the banner of four brands.

Can you cancel GoodLife online?

“The majority of GoodLife Memberships can be managed directly through the portal on our website. For a large portion of our Members, the portal also includes the ability to cancel online,” explained a GoodLife representative to blogTO.

Is GoodLife Fitness a Canadian company?

Proudly Canadian since 1979, GoodLife Fitness is the largest fitness company in Canada. GoodLife is the largest privately owned fitness club chain by a sole owner and the fourth largest overall in the world.

What makes GoodLife Fitness special?

Since 1979, our core values have been the foundation for everything we do. Our employees help our Members find their own version of the good life by motivating, coaching and celebrating them throughout their journey. It’s not about perfection. It’s about living your healthiest and happiest life.

How do I contact David Patchell-Evans?

David Patchell-Evans Email Address

Where is the biggest GoodLife in Canada?

The new fitness centre will be the London, Ont. -based chain’s largest gym in the Ottawa area. In a news release, GoodLife said more details about the new facility will be announced in the first half of 2020.

Is LA fitness only in California?

LA Fitness (doing business as LA Fitness International LLC) is an American gym chain with more than 700 clubs across the United States and Canada. The company was formed in 1984 and is based in Irvine, California.

LA Fitness.
Randolph, NJ Location, formerly a Pathmark
Area servedUnited States Canada

Is GoodLife Fitness in the US?

GoodLife Fitness members will have access to more than 450 clubs in the 24 Hour Fitness® network when traveling or visiting the United States, and 24 Hour Fitness members will have access to 230+ GoodLife Fitness clubs when traveling or visiting in Canada.

Who owns Canfitpro?

David Patchell-Evans
As the owner of a small chain of clubs at the time, canfitpro founder and CEO, David Patchell-Evans, purchased the rights to this well-known and respected magazine and conference brand from Germany.

Is GoodLife a public company?

“Over the years they’ve had plenty of offers and opportunities to take on investors, but he’s decided to keep it privately held,” explains Chris Dowding, a Deloitte partner who works with GoodLife as part of the Best Managed Companies program.

Who started GoodLife Fitness?

David Patchell-Evans is the founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness Clubs, Canada’s largest and fastest-growing fitness empire. He lives in London, Ontario.

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