What happens when you reset a Skylander?

Your Skylander will now be reset to Level 1 with 0 Gold. You will have to buy all the upgrades again. Your Skylander will now be added to your Collection and you will receive the Elemental Bonus for adding another Skylander to your Collection.

How do you reset a Skylander creation Crystal?

Can you wash Skylanders?

I use a can of pressurized air to get rid of the dirt in the tough places to reach and then go over it with a disinfecting wipe. If you have any skylanders for sale or trade, please contact me. Cotton balls, Q-Tips and some mild soapy water.

Can you reset a Skylander imaginator Crystal?

Once you select your Battle Class, your Creation Crystal is permanently set to that Battle Class. There are no options to reset a Creation Crystal or change a Battle Class.

How long do Skylanders need to rest?

They don’t need to rest… when they die, all you have to do is leave the chapter you’re on or turn the game off (not needed, but hey, if you’re done playing why not?) and they’ll be at 100%.

What happens if you put a skylander in water?

As long as you let them dry THOROUGHLY it probably won’t be a problem should they happen to get wet. I wouldn’t use it as a pool/bath toy though, there are much better/cheaper options for that, like the Mega Blocks figures if you want to play with Skylanders.

Are skylander figures waterproof?

No. Skylanders toys and vehicles are not waterproof.