What is number 18 on the impossible quiz 2?

Question 18 of The Impossible Quiz 2 asks “What is Spider-Man’s favourite food?”. The possible options are “Cheese”, “Crab sticks”, “Fly sandwiches” and “Horse”. The answer is simply “Fly sandwiches“, being a combination of spider food (flies) and human food (sandwiches).

What is number 19 on the impossible quiz?

To the left is an easel with an unpainted picture of a character named “Boggy”. To solve this question, you must colour the picture following the order of the letters on its name: the “B” stands for blue, the “O” stands for orange, the “G” stands for green, and the “Y” stands for yellow.

What is the hardest question in the impossible quiz?

Question 110 from the Impossible Quiz is the final question in the game, and the tenth and last one of The Epic 10 questions. It is a 10-second bomb question and features a task that may be either extremely easy or completely impossible to complete, depending on how you have played the whole quiz to this point.

What is number 20 on the impossible quiz?

Question 20 of The Impossible Quiz says “Deal or no deal?“, referencing the game show “Deal or No Deal”. The possible choices are “Deal!”, “No deal!”, “Seal!”, “No seal!” The answer is “Seal!”, which is a better answer than “Deal!”, since in these cases what people do is to “seal the deal”.

What is the answer to number 17 on the impossible quiz?

Question 17 from the Impossible Quiz is a simple math question that contains the following subtraction: “24 – 7 = ?”. The choices are “18”, “2”, “16.931”, and “walrus”. Although 16.931 could be a good answer, since it rounds itself to 17, it is not the correct answer. The rest of the answers aren’t correct as well.

What do you do on question 24 of the impossible quiz?

If you rapidly scroll your mouse back and forth over the box, you will be able to read the message formed by all of the letters, which says “Click the ‘V’ in lives”. So click on the letter V in the word “Lives” at the bottom left corner of the screen in order to proceed.

What is number 16 on the impossible quiz?

Though “G” happens to be the seventh letter in alphabetic order, the answer is NOT “G”. The actual answer to this question is “H”, which is the 7th letter within the words “the alphabet”.

What is 15 in the impossible quiz?

Question 15 of The Impossible Quiz is the first question where the “Sorry, no skipping!” sign blocks the row of Skips so that the question is unskippable. There is a keyboard on the screen with clickable letters. Above the keyboard is a message saying “Neigh! Whinny!” and a black silhouette of a horse.

How do you do number 22 on the impossible quiz?

Question 22 from the Impossible Quiz states that “The choice is yours”, with the four possible options below being “+1 life”, “-1 life”, “Escape!!”, and “+1 skip”. The answer is “+1 skip”, because it’s like an instant skip to the next question.

What is the answer to the impossible quiz number 23?

While any of the first three options would have made perfect sense, the answer in this case is actually “Bran”, since in order to save all of your changes in MS Paint, you must first give a name to the file where you want to save said changes, and “Bran” simply fills in as the file’s name.

What is the answer to number 25 on the impossible quiz?

Reference(s) Question 25 of The Impossible Quiz says “How do you kill a werewolf?”, and the possible answers say “Shoe polish”, “Gravy granules”, “Black pudding”, and “Cillit Bang”. The answer to this question is “shoe polish“.

What is this question 19 Impossible Quiz 2?

Needless to say at this point, the correct answer is “Fusestopper“, though you probably wouldn’t know this in advance unless you were clever or curious enough to go and check the game’s “Instructions” section in the main menu before starting the game straight away.

What is the answer to The Impossible Quiz number 28?

The answer is “Abundance“, because it is a pun on the words “A bun dance”, which is descriptive enough of the picture.

What is the answer to The Impossible Quiz number 26?

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, the question and the signs remain the same, but there are only four possible options instead of the original seven: “Germansweek”, “Arsefacey”, “Brown Willy” and “Hell Creek”. The answer is still “Arsefacey”. The original question as it appears in the Beta.

What is the answer to 33 on The Impossible Quiz?

Question 33 from The Impossible Quiz asks “How many letters in his hand?”, and next to it there’s a drawing of a cut-off hand holding nine letters. The choices are all four numbers from 7 to 10. The answer is “7” because the question is asking how many letters are in the words “His hand”.

What’s the answer to 29 on The Impossible Quiz?

Question 29 from the Impossible Quiz says “What flavour is cardboard?”, while the possible answers say “Honey”, “Pork scratchings”, “Egg mayonnaise”, and “Talc”. The correct answer is “Egg Mayonnaise” because Splapp-Me-Do doesn’t like egg mayonnaise at all. He actually thinks it tastes like cardboard!

What is the answer to number 27 on The Impossible Quiz?

Question 27 (iOS)

The new Question 27 asks “How many times can you fit into a vacuum?”. The options you’re given are “Once”, “Thrice”, “Twice” and “Life is a vacuum”. The correct answer is “Twice“, as that’s how many times the letter “u” (you) appears in the word “vacuum”.

What is the answer to impossible quiz number 51?

Question 51 of The Impossible Quiz is an unskippable but safe question that contains the task “Fight!”, as well as two different creatures below, each one of them belonging to one of the two alien races created by Splapp-Me-Do: a Phlovomite (the blue alien on the left) and a Spatulon (the green alien on the right).

What is the answer to number 30 on the impossible quiz?

The answer is still the dentures. The final screen of the Demo! After correctly answering this question, you’ll be presented with a screen that contains a green button that sends you back to the main menu, as well as the following message: That’s it for now… But there’ll be more to come!

What is number 31 in the impossible quiz?

The answer is then “Woof. Woof. Woof“. This is because during the “Badly Drawn Dawg” animations, whenever he barks, most of the time he barks three times.

What is the answer to question 42 on the impossible quiz?

The correct answer is the 42nd 42. It’s the second 42 in the bottom row. Click it to proceed. This question is in reference to Douglas Adams’ book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”.

What is the answer for number 21 on The Impossible Quiz?

There’s a 10-second bomb on screen. The only way for you to get the answer you’re looking for is to look at the question number. It’s a 21 with a dot right next to it. All you have to do then is to drag the dot into the small space between the 2 and the 1, thus creating “2.1”.