How do you pay with a gift card at the store?

  1. Be sure to know your balance before you shop. To use your Gift Card along with another form of payment, just tell the cashier how much you want to apply to each payment type. …
  2. Swipe your Card and select Credit on the keypad.

How do I use my gift card?

If you want to spend your gift card in a store, you hand the card over and they scan it or type in the card number. If the purchase is online, you do this yourself by typing the gift card number into the shopping cart payment option.

Can I pay through gift card?

A gift card is a form of payment that can be used to make purchases at retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other locations. You load money onto the card, which you or the gift card’s recipient can then spend at accepted locations. Some prepaid gift cards charge a fee to purchase them.

Can I redeem Shell gift card?

The Shell Gift Card can be used only for purchases of goods and services at Shell locations in the U.S., except territories. The Card cannot be redeemed for cash and no change will be given, except in states that require redemption for cash.

How does e gift cards work?

Digital gift cards and egift cards are the same thing. They are simply an electronic version of a physical gift card that can be sent directly to the person’s email address and used online or in store.

Where is the PIN code on a gift card?

Gift cards issued by department stores typically have a PIN. It is usually found on the back of the card underneath an area that must be scratched off to view.

Where can I use a Shell gift card?

Shell Gift Cards can be used to purchase gasoline, auto supplies, food/snacks, a car wash and other items at Shell stations nationwide.
  • Shell stations are located in all 50 states.
  • Over 14,000 Shell stations nationwide.
  • No Expiration dates or dormancy fees.
  • The Shell Gift Card offers pay-at-the-pump speed of a credit card.

Can you use E Gift Cards for gas?

National Gift Card is the one-stop shop for prepaid fuel and gas gift cards and eGift cards to keep your car gassed, greased, and running. Choose from brands like Arco, Shell, Exxon, Autozone, and more.

How do I activate my Shell credit card?

You can activate your Shell Credit Card by either calling (800) 331-3703 or going to the issuer’s activation website.

Can I use a Shell gift card at Circle K?

What Gas Stations Can You Use A Shell Gas Card At? Shell, Esso, Texaco, Gulf, Morrisons, Gleaner, and Circle K locations, including 66 motorway locations. It is free to purchase Shell FuelSave diesel at all Shell locations.

Can I use Shell card at Circle K?

Available at participating Shell and Circle K locations. Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline purchase required. See Easy Pay Terms and Conditions for more information.

How do you use Shell pay and save?

Cut to inside the car with a man using the phone to pay at the pump and fill up his tank. It’s simple: Just confirm the Shell station and your pump in the app. Watch the price roll back and fuel up. The screen on the phone shows the steps to take in the app to complete a payment.

Where does my Shell card work?

Shell networks

The Multi-network card offers acceptance at over 3,800 stations nationwideincluding the Shell network as well as our partner locations including Esso, Texaco,Morrisons, Gulf, Gleaners and Circle K. With more than3,800 stations, it means we’re there for you whenever you need us.

Can I use my Shell credit card at other gas stations?

You can use your Shell Gas Card exclusively at Shell locations throughout the U.S. You can pay for gas, but also use it for non-fuel purchases inside Shell convenience stores. The Shell Credit Card, on the other hand, can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Can you use a Shell gift card on alcohol?

A: Yes, anything in the store even beer! A: No expiration date for the card. The card can be used at any shell station anywhere in the USA.

How do I redeem my Shell points?

Visit the website or use the Shell Africa App and click ‘Redeem’ to choose your reward depending on your points balance. You can also call the customer service center on 0709 370 888 to find out your points balance and the redemption options available to you.

Can I use my Shell card at Morrisons?

What Shell Cards are accepted at Morrisons sites? Morrisons sites will accept all Shell Multi-Network Cards, Shell Fleet App Cards and Forax co-branded Cards.

What is a Shell card?

The Shell Card is a single payment solution for all your mobility needs and your gateway to the largest fuel network and other Shell services. Vehicle washes, lubricants, food, and services on the road – such as road tolls, ferry payments, and tax support – can all be purchased on a single card.

How does Shell V card work?

Introducing V+ Rewards,

a loyalty programme exclusive to Shell. With V+ you earn instant cash-rewards for every litre of fuel purchased and selected Shop items in-store. Redeem your cash rewards on the forecourt for fuel or in-store for anything in the Shell Select store.

How do I check the balance on my Shell card?

How do I check my V-Plus card balance?
  1. By scanning the QR code on the back of the card and then entering their cell number on the website.
  2. By using the USSD string *120*7368#
  3. On the V+ Website
  4. By calling the help desk on 031 0013390.

How does Shell fuel card work?

Shell cards work by giving you business credit for your travel costs. Your drivers fill up at the pump with the petrol or diesel they need and then present their fuel card to the cashier for payment. Your business then receives an invoice at an agreed time (weekly or monthly) and settles the bill.

How do I redeem my Shell V card?

How it works?
  1. Register. V+ in under 3 minutes!
  2. Earn. Swipe your V+ to earn instant cash rewards on fuel and on selected products in-store.
  3. Spend. Swipe your V+ card and enter your PIN to use your cash back on anything you need at Shell.