How much is unemployment in St Croix USVI?

The Maximum Weekly Benefit Amount (MWBA) in the Virgin Islands for the benefit year beginning January 1, 2021, is $677.00 and the Taxable Wage Base (TWB) for employer contributions is $32,500.00.

What is the unemployment rate in the Virgin Islands?

For January 2022, the unemployment rate for the Virgin Islands fell to 8.2%. This represents an over-the-month decrease of 0.1% from the December 2021 estimate of 8.3% and an over-the-year decrease of 2.3% since January 2021.

How much is US unemployment benefit?

Benefit amount and duration

The national average weekly payment in 2020 was $378. Since 1987, unemployment compensation has been considered taxable income by the federal government. For most states, the maximum period for receiving benefits is 26 weeks.

How do I apply for unemployment in the Virgin Islands?

To file a UI claim online, visit

What is the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics collects, analyzes, and publishes reliable information on many aspects of our economy and society. We measure employment, compensation, worker safety, productivity, and price movements.

What unemployment pays the most?

Policies and benefits vary by state. Mississippi has the lowest maximum unemployment benefits in the U.S. of $235 per week, while Massachusetts has the highest at $823. North Carolina and Florida offer unemployment benefits for the shortest length of time with a maximum of 12 weeks.

What is the max unemployment in NC?

$350 per week
What is the maximum weekly benefit amount that I can receive? You may receive the maximum amount of $350 per week. Your weekly benefit amount is based on the last two completed quarters in your base period divided by 52 and rounded down to the next whole dollar.

How long will unemployment last?

“The period for collecting unemployment benefits varies by state but the maximum period for getting such benefits is 26 weeks,” says David Clark, a lawyer and partner at the Clark Law Office, which has offices in Lansing and Okemos, Michigan.