Do I need to turn my Ember Mug off?

The Ember Mug is pretty smart and generally speaking you don’t actually NEED to turn it off. When it doesn’t have any liquid in it and you’re not using it then it’ll go into a sleep mode where hardly any power is used. When you pick up your cup it’ll detect the motion and turn itself back on.

Does Ember Mug turn on automatically?

Ember also took the auto sleep and wake features that it introduced with the original Ember ceramic Mug and brought them to the Travel Mug 2, meaning that it’ll turn itself on and off automatically depending on whether it detects liquid inside, or motion from being picked up, to extend battery life even further.

Is it OK to leave Ember Mug on the charger?

The Ember is 100% safe to keep on the charger when you are not using it. When the battery is fully charged the charging is shut off automatically so no battery damage will occur.

Will Ember heat up cold coffee?

You CANNOT use Ember to heat up cold coffee, tea or other drinks. The cup won’t recognise liquid under 100ºF (38ºC) and won’t turn on. Plus even if it did it takes AGES (30-60+ minutes) to warm up cold drinks and will drain all of the battery life of your Ember. It’s designed to keep drinks hot, not make them hot.

Why is my Ember Mug flashing red?

Pulsing Red You Ember Mug will pulse red when it’s plugged into it’s charging coaster and is charging. This means you mug isn’t fully charged but it’s on it’s way there and soon enough you’ll see a solid green light indicating your Ember Mug is fully charged.

How long do Ember mugs last?

The Ember Mug² has an expected battery life of 90 min (10oz) or 80 min (14oz) without the charging coaster at a target temperature of 135°F (57°C). The Ember Mug has an expected battery life of little over one hour when in use without the charging coaster at a target temperature of about 130°F (54.4°C).

Why does my Ember Mug say heater off?

The Ember Mug has motion sensors in it and it’s designed to turn itself off when on for too long. This is set to 2 hours when on a charger. So if you haven’t pick up your coffee in the last 2 hours then the Ember will switch off to save power and also to stop overheating.

Does Ember turn off when empty?

Sleep Mode -Once you turn ON the Ember, you do not need power it on again. The Ember will go to sleep when it’s empty, and will wake up as soon as you pick it up.

Can you microwave Ember Mug?

Do not microwave the Ember Mug! The Ember Mug is an electronic device, which should never go in a microwave. As with all electronics and metals, it may result in a fire when heated up in the microwave.

How does the Ember Mug know its empty?

Why Does Your Ember Mug Say Empty? EMPTY: Displayed when the thermal sensors are not recognizing a change in temperature present in the inner vessel. This notification may also show if liquid is not present or the temperature rapidly decreases (caused by adding cold creamer).

How do you unpair Ember?

Step 3: Remove from Bluetooth Settings
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on bluetooth.
  3. Click on the settings gear associated to the Ember Mug.
  4. Click on Un-pair.

How long does the Ember Mug stay hot?

Our smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Ember then maintains your chosen temperature for up to 1.5 hours with the Ember Mug² 10 oz and up to 80 minutes with the Ember Mug² 14 oz – so your hot beverage stays perfect.

How do you recharge ember mugs?

Once your Ember Mug has an empty battery, place the mug on the charging coaster for approximately 2 hours for a full charge. Once the LED turns green your Ember is 100% charged.

Does the Ember Mug have a lithium battery?

The Ember uses dual lithium-ion batteries.

Can you get bottom of Ember Mug wet?

The Ember Mug is also hand wash only. And hand washing it is extra tedious. The bottom of the mug can’t get wet—or else it won’t be able to connect to the charging coaster, meaning you can’t just stick it under the sink and let the hot water and soap run all over it.

Is the Ember Mug warm to the touch?

While scientific research says the ideal temperature of a hot beverage is a hot (but not too hot), 136 degrees Fahrenheit, the Ember’s default temperature is 135 degrees Fahrenheit.