What does it mean to clarify things?

to make understandable
transitive verb. 1 : to make understandable clarify a subject The president was forced to clarify his position on the issue. 2 : to free of confusion needs time to clarify his thoughts. 3 : to make (a liquid or something liquefied) clear or pure usually by freeing from suspended matter clarify syrup.

What is an example of clarification?

Some examples of non-directive clarification-seeking questions are: “I’m not quite sure I understand what you are saying.” “I don’t feel clear about the main issue here.” “When you said ……..

How do you use clarify?

  1. clarify something to clarify a situation/problem/issue.
  2. I hope this clarifies my position.
  3. The law on drugs needs to be clarified.
  4. Talking to someone has helped clarify my feelings.
  5. clarify what/how, etc… She asked him to clarify what he meant.

What does it mean to clarify a text?

In a given text, words and phrases do not appear in isolation but are embedded in the context of a narrative, an argument, an explanation, and so on. Accordingly, clarifying meaning questions test your ability to identify contextually appropriate meanings of words and phrases.

What is clarification in health and social care?

Definition: A skill that enables the social worker to seek specificity on what the client is thinking, feeling, and experiencing. Asking for examples, specifying the meaning of words (i.e., “I was loaded”), and identifying the frequency and duration of problems are ways to clarify the client’s message.

Does clarified mean change?

cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. verb. make clear and (more) comprehensible. “clarify the mystery surrounding her death” synonyms: clear up, elucidate.

What is an example of a clarifying question?

Examples of Clarifying Questions: Is this what you said…? What resources were used for the project? Did I hear you say…?

What is a clarified cocktail?

Clarified drinks are clear and maintain a smooth texture with a pleasant taste. The flavors meld, creating a more refined drink. to clarify your own drinks, simply step down from the coarsest filter, such as muslin or similar and work towards the finer options such as coffee filters.

What is a frigid?

Definition of frigid

1a : intensely cold frigid water. b : lacking warmth or ardor : indifferent had an emotionally frigid father. 2 : lacking imaginative qualities : insipid writing precise and frigid poetry. 3a : abnormally averse to sexual intercourse —used especially of women.

Is clarify and verify the same?

To VERIFY is to check and make sure that something is true. To CLARIFY is to make something clear. Example: Please verify if the details are correct.

What is clarified orange juice?

Juice concentrates which are normally sold as pulpy or cloudy, are processed to be clear with no suspended particles.

How do you clarify a Bloody Mary?

METHOD (for one cocktail)
  1. Add 120 ml of the ‘Ghost of Mary’ liquid to a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Add 40 ml of vodka.
  3. Shake well and pour the cocktail over ice in a long-drink glass. Add a few shakes of Tabasco to taste and garnish with thyme sprigs, a slice of lemon and a Looye Honeytomatoes.

How do you clarify spirits?

Here are our go-to methods, and when to employ them.
  1. Agar-Agar or Gelatin Clarification. Both agar-agar and gelatin will clarify your drink by trapping all of the solids that make your cocktail cloudy in a gel. …
  2. Simple Filtration. Simple filtration can also yield a clear cocktail. …
  3. Protein Clarification. …
  4. Recipes.

Why do you clarify lemon juice?

What is clarified pineapple?

Clarified Pineapple Juice Concentrate is produced from quality pineapples fruit to retain the characteristic color and flavor of the whole fruit.

How do you clarify OJ?

Here’s how:
  1. Start with freshly squeezed lime juice (or other juice).
  2. Set a chinois (conical fine-mesh strainer) or other fine-mesh strainer over a bowl.
  3. Line the strainer with a coffee filter.
  4. Pour the lime juice over the coffee filter/strainer, and allow it to filter through.

How do you clarify watermelon juice?

Simply line a strainer with a coffee filter, pour in the juice, and allow it to drip through. The filter catches pulp, seeds, skin and any other tiny particles that make the juice cloudy – and on the other side you’ll have a clear, clean liquid.

Can you clarify tomato juice?

How is Apple juice clarified?

The production of clear apple juice requires the removal of suspended material and prevention of the development of turbidity after juice bottling. Freshly pressed juice contains suspended solids that are deliberately precipitated prior to filtration. This precipitation step is called clarification.

What is clarified lemon juice?

Clarifying citrus juice allows you to make clear cocktails with lemon or lime juice, and allows you to stir those cocktails so you don’t have to worry about bruising your liquor.