What are the examples of documentation?

Examples are user guides, white papers, online help, and quick-reference guides. Paper or hard-copy documentation has become less common. Documentation is often distributed via websites, software products, and other online applications.

What are the three C’s of accurate documentation?

The 3 C’s of accurate documentation:
  • Be Clear. The first step in any problem solving is identifying the problem and writing it down as a problem statement. …
  • Be Concise. Note-taking while listening and speaking to someone on the phone may mean writing in phrases. …
  • Be Complete.

How do you structure a document?

This article describes how to structure a document as follows:
  1. Use unique and descriptive page titles.
  2. Do not use color or spatial position to convey information.
  3. Add structure with headings.
  4. Format text with styles.
  5. Set the correct language for text.

When should documentation be recorded?

Physicians should aim to complete charts immediately after treatment when details are still fresh. Most hospitals set time limits for when documentation is due: within 24 hours for admitting notes, 48 hours for surgical procedures and 15 days after discharge for completing the record.

What are the methods of documentation?

Methods of Documentation
  • DAR (data, action, response)
  • APIE (assessment, plan, intervention, evaluation)
  • SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) and its derivatives including.
  • SOAPIE (subjective, objective, assessment, plan, intervention, evaluation).

What is the process of documentation?

Process documentation is the method of internally capturing all the information necessary to properly execute a business process within your organization. It is a continuous activity that must be carried out as processes are built in order to ensure delivery of the desired outcome.

What are the documentation standards?

Documentation process standards define the process used to produce documents (example here). This means that you set out the procedures involved in document development and the software tools used for document production.

What are the two types of documentation?

Definition of documentation

Documentation can relate to two different types: products and processes. Product documentation describes the product under development and provides guidelines on how to execute actions with it. Process documentation, on the other hand, relates to all the material created during development.

What makes good process documentation?

Describe what the process looks like. The inputs and outputs necessary for this specific process. Set the boundaries — what causes it to start or what the end should be. Note down which team members will collaborate on the documentation.

Why do we document?

Documentation is a great tool in protecting against lawsuits and complaints. Documentation help ensure consent and expectations. It helps to tell the narrative for decisions made, and how yourself or the client responded to different situations.

Why documentation is important in an organization?

By documenting your processes, you ensure efficiency, consistency, and peace of mind for anyone involved. This kind of standardization between processes ensures everyone in your organization is working the same way towards the same outcome.

What is the first stage of documentation?

The first stage of the document life cycle is creation. People typically create new documents using word processing software such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. They may create these documents or use an existing document as a template; they might also use a document automation solution.

What is included in business process documentation?

Business process documentation is a complete description of a business process using words, images, and symbols to designate exactly how the process should function in an ideal environment.

What are the 4 types of documentation?

The four kinds of documentation are:
  • learning-oriented tutorials.
  • goal-oriented how-to guides.
  • understanding-oriented discussions.
  • information-oriented reference material.

Why should you document information?

There needs to be some level of cohesion so that you don’t look sloppy or uninformed. Documentation encourages knowledge sharing, which empowers your team to understand how processes work and what finished projects typically look like.

How do you maintain documentation?

Maintaining Documentation in an Aged Care Environment – It Doesn’t Need to be Hard
  1. Identify what documents are needed. …
  2. Determine who is responsible for obtaining information. …
  3. Ensure that all documentation complies. …
  4. Establish a document control process. …
  5. Establish review timelines.

What are the 3 types of documentation?

All types of technical documentation fall into three main categories: product documentation, process documentation, and sales and marketing documents.
  • Product Documentation. …
  • Process Documentation. …
  • Sales and Marketing Documentation.

What are 3 types of documents?

Types of documents
  • HTML files.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • Microsoft Word documents.
  • Plain text documents.
  • PDFs.

What are the five common types of documentation?

Types of Documentation

Types of system documentation include a requirements document, source code document, quality assurance documentation, software architecture documentation, solution instructions and a help guide for advanced users.

What is documentation process and types?

Process documentation is a step-by-step description of how to execute a process from start to finish. Processes can be documented in the form of policies, checklists, tutorials, forms, screenshots, and so on – anything that describes how a process should be executed. Use this process documentation template.