What is the best love quote ever?

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” “We are most alive when we are in love.” “The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love.”

What is love in a relationship quotes?

“Love alone can rekindle life.” “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” “Love is a game that two can play and both can win.” “To know when to go away and when to come closer is the key to any lasting relationship.”

What really is true love quotes?

  • “Each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” – Rosemonde Gerard.
  • “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” – …
  • “I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.” – …
  • “True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. …
  • “I love being married.

What is the most romantic word?

– “Amour”, the French word for love, has been voted the most romantic word in the world in a pre-Valentine’s Day survey of language experts.

What’s a deeper word for love?

affection, appreciation, devotion, emotion, fondness, friendship, infatuation, lust, passion, respect, tenderness, yearning, lover, admire, care for, cherish, choose, go for, prefer, prize.

What is the sweetest word?

Love is the sweetest word in English language. Just apply in every moment and event of your life and get instant bliss through this word. Like. Reply.

What is a strong word for love?

Synonyms for love that can imply varying levels of intensity or intimacy include fondness, affection, devotion, and adoration.

What is the strongest love?

Agape — Selfless Love. Agape is the highest level of love to offer. It’s given without any expectations of receiving anything in return. Offering Agape is a decision to spread love in any circumstances — including destructive situations.