What is Dorian GREY syndrome?

Dorian Gray Syndrome (DGS) denotes a cultural and societal phenomenon characterized by an excessive preoccupation with the individual’s own appearance (dysmorphophobia) accompanied by difficulties coping with the aging process and with the requirements of maturation.

What is the message in Dorian Gray?

James’s Gazette, that Dorian Gray “is a story with a moral. And the moral is this: All excess, as well as all renunciation, brings its own punishment” (Wilde 248). Aestheticism does well to condemn the renunciation of desires, but it is an excessive obedience to these desires that is subversively dangerous.

What was Dorian GREY famous for?

Dorian Gray, fictional character, the hedonistic protagonist of Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891). He exchanges his soul for youth that never fades. This article was most recently revised and updated by Kathleen Kuiper.

What is the first line of The Picture of Dorian Gray?

The studio was filled with the rich odour of roses, and when the light summer wind stirred amidst the trees of the garden, there came through the open door the heavy scent of the lilac, or the more delicate perfume of the pink-flowering thorn.

Why does Dorian Gray not age?

Immortality: After having his soul trapped within a painting, Dorian gained immortality. He does not age and seems to be immune to all conventional illnesses, diseases, viruses and infections.

Is Dorian Gray based on a true story?

The play is based on thorough research, all characters real people in the story,” says Gus Miller who directs it. “John was Oscar’s lover and then spurned by him. The play primarily follows the rest of John’s life and how you go through life with Dorian Gray on your shoulders.”

Do Dorian and Basil kiss?

Instead of subtly leading Basil to his confession, Dorian steers the conversation away by kissing Basil, who eventually gives in to his passion and succumbs to a sexual encounter. Basil is pushed into a subjugated, almost submissive position, while Dorian stands above him, preparing for a sexual act.

How old is Dorian Gray?

Basil explains that Dorian Gray is 20 years-old. Basil met him at a party two months earlier. When Basil first saw him, he felt a “curious sensation of terror”. He was certain that the young man’s personality would dominate him and that he would lose his independence.

Why did Basil paint Dorian?

Basil explains how he met Dorian at Lady Brandon’s home. He felt terror upon first seeing Dorian because he sensed that the young man’s personality was so powerful that it could absorb him. More important, Dorian inspires a fresh approach to art in Basil, allowing him to produce the best work of his professional life.

What does The Picture of Dorian Gray represent?

By Oscar Wilde

Basically, the picture represents Dorian’s inner self, which becomes uglier with each passing hour and with every crime he commits. It is the image of Dorian’s true nature and, as his soul becomes increasingly corrupt, its evil shows up on the surface of the canvas.

What is the main conflict in The Picture of Dorian Gray?

Major conflict Dorian Gray, having promised his soul in order to live a life of perpetual youth, must try to reconcile himself to the bodily decay and dissipation that are recorded in his portrait.

Why does Dorian destroy the painting?

The portrait reflects this hypocrisy and drives him to his final, desperate act. He decides it is better to destroy the last evidence of his sin—the painting of his soul—than face up to his own depravity. The depravity he seeks to destroy is, in essence, himself; therefore, by killing it, he kills himself.

What does Sibyl represent to Dorian?

In The Picture of Dorian Gray, Sibyl Vane represents purity and innocence and the perfection of a human being. She is a living, breathing piece of art in part due to the work she does. Because of the songs she sings and the characters she portrays, Dorian falls madly and deeply in love with her.

How old is Dorian Gray at the end of the book?

Basil explains that Dorian Gray is 20 years-old. Basil met him at a party two months earlier. When Basil first saw him, he felt a “curious sensation of terror”. He was certain that the young man’s personality would dominate him and that he would lose his independence.

How does Dorian Gray sell his soul?

The legend tells of a learned doctor who sells his soul to the devil in return for knowledge and magical abilities. Although Dorian Gray never contracts with the devil, his sacrifice is similar: he trades his soul for the luxury of eternal youth.

What is the Yellow Book in The Picture of Dorian Gray?

The yellow book, given as a gift to Dorian by Lord Henry, is an allusion to J.K. Huysmans’ À Rebours (“Against Nature”). It follows a Parisian in the nineteenth century who seeks “all the passions and modes of thought that belonged to every century except his own” (91).

Is Dorian Gray LGBT?

Dorian Gray, while cautious, was implicitly homosexual, and the hugely successful plays contained coded references that were obvious to the initiated. His poetry and public comments were often more explicit.

Is Basil in love with Dorian?

For example, this declaration of love by Basil for Dorian on page 147: “It is quite true that I have worshipped you with far more romance than a man should ever give to a friend. Somehow I have never loved a woman… I quite admit that I adored you madly, extravagantly, absurdly.”