How long does your college email last?

Typically accounts stay open one year after the last completed semester.

Do you keep your college email forever?

Your student status will be removed approximately one year after you leave the University. All of your crucial services–email, software, Library access, computer lab access–are tied to your NetID and your status as a student. You can continue to use all of your services until your student status is removed.

Do you lose your college email when you graduate?

Many colleges will discontinue alumni email addresses a few months after graduation, so it’s best to stay on the safe side and create a new one. Be sure to include your education on your resume and applications, as it’s definitely something you should be proud of.

Can I use my college email for anything?

Your . edu email address feels like it’s yours, but it is property of your university. They can (and will) disable it (permanently, and without notice) in certain conditions. Mitigate the possible damage by not using it for any personal or professional business.

How can I save my school email after graduation?

After graduation, your email account will be closed. Therefore, if you want to save any important emails, you will have to export them to another email account before you leave. This works best using Internet Explorer; it may not function as expected in other browsers.