How fast does a Suzuki LTZ 400 go?

70 mph
About the Suzuki LTZ 400

Otherwise known as the QuadSport Z400, this 4×4 boasted a top speed of 70 mph.

How many horsepower does a Suzuki LTZ 400 have?

To our surprise, the stock Z made 29.8 hp at 7,000 rpm and 23.7 pounds of torque at 6,200 rpm.

What engine does the LTZ 400 have?

The Suzuki LT-Z400 features a dry-sump liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-valve engine with a dual overhead camshaft and a compression ratio of 11.3:1. It has a Mikuni BSR36 carburetor. It has a 90mm bore with a 62.6mm stroke and a displacement of 398cc.

How fast does a Suzuki LTZ 250 go?

50-60 mph
Overall, engine configurations lend to an LTZ250 top speed rating of 50-60 mph (80-96.6 km/h) and 32.3 hp/32.7 PS (24.1 kW @ 4,000 RPM) advertised power output.

How much horsepower does a LTR 450 have?

41 screaming horsepower
41 screaming horsepower. With just 368 lbs (dry weight) to lug around, the Suzuki QuadRacer LTR450 is fast enough for the average rider.

Does LTZ 400 have reverse?

Clutch and Transmission

The Quadsport Z400 uses a manual clutch with a 5-speed transmission and a reverse gear.