What size belt should I buy for a 32 waist mens?

How to Determine What Size Belt to Order
Pants SizeBelt Size OWBBelt Size IWB
313536 or 37
323637 or 38
333738 or 39
343839 or 40

What size belt do I need for a 34 waist?

size 36 belt
The general rule for measuring a man’s belt size is to take your pant size and add 2 inches. For example, if you wear a size 34 pant, we recommend a size 36 belt. You can also use a tape measure where you will be wearing your belt, that number is where the center hole of the belt will fit.

What size belt should I buy for a 36 waist?

size 38 belt
Example, if you wear a size 36 pants, you would choose a size 38 belt. Being we do not offer odd size belts (35, 37, 39, etc), you will choose a belt that is two inches larger. Size 34 waist choose a 36 size belt, 36 waist choose a size 38 belt, 38 waist choose a size 40 belt, etc.

What size belt should I buy for a 30 waist?

Your belt size is two inches larger than your pant waist size. If you wear a 34″ trouser, buy a 36″ belt. If your waist size is an odd number, buy a belt three inches larger instead of two.

What size belt do I need for a 33 waist?

Size Charts for Women’s Belts
Numerical Belt Size2833-35
General Belt SizeXS/PetiteL
Dress/Pants Size0-212
Waist Circumference (inches)Up to 2631-33
Length of Existing Belt (inches)Up to 2833-35

How long is a 34 belt?

You can choose a 34 belt, which fits in the medium category, which usually spans 32 to 42 inches. Small sizes measure between 26 to 30 inches, while large sizes are around 46 to 50 inches. Belts for men who wear a 34 measure 34 inches from the far end (all fashion rights reserved).

What size belt should I buy for a 26 waist?

Womens Belt Size Chart
General Belt SizeNumerical Belt SizeWaist Measurement (inches)
XS/Petite28Up to 26