Can you track a money order to see who cashed it?

You can see if a money order has been cashed by checking the USPS website. Hopefully, you kept the money order receipt, because it contains the information you need to track the money order. To view the status of the money order, you’ll need to provide the following information: Serial number.

How do I check the status of a money order?

How can I find out if it has been cashed? You can find out if your money order has been cashed online by clicking Money Order Status or by calling our automated line at 1-800-542-3590.

Can you track a money order payment?

U.S. Postal Service® money orders are affordable, widely accepted, and never expire. Your money order receipt will help you track your payment and show proof of value in case the money order gets lost, stolen, or damaged. You can buy or cash postal money orders at any Post Office location.

Can you track money order by the serial number?

After purchasing a money order from the United States Postal Service_,_ you can track its status by entering the serial number into the USPS online or phone money order inquiry system. You also can submit your request to USPS by email, by letter or in person.

Can a stolen money order be cashed?

None of the issuers guarantee refunds for money orders reported stolen and cashed though they may be issued in select situations. For example, USPS pursues banks that clear money orders without proper verification of identity and can receive reimbursement from the bank for an issued refund.

What is the reference number on a money order?

MTCN stands for Money Tracking Control Number. It’s basically a reference code, 10 digits long, that refers to one particular money transfer.

How can you track a money order without the receipt?

USPS does not allow tracing of any money order without a receipt. Call your issuer’s customer service number (easily found on their website) to see if they can trace a money order without a receipt. Know who to contact. You will need to contact the issuer of the money order.

Can I cash a money order I bought?

Key Takeaways

You can cash a money order at your bank, or at many retail outlets. You can also take it to the money order issuer. You’ll probably have to pay a fee if you don’t deposit the money order into your bank or credit union account, but it can be nominal depending on the size of the money order.

Can you track a money order from a bank?

Visit the bank branch and ask them to trace the money order. Be prepared to supply the money order’s tracking number and your receipt. The bank may charge a fee to track or replace a money order.