How do I make my golf swing lag?

How do I make my irons lag?

Do you need lag in golf swing?

Remember, lag is important because it helps create swing speed, a descending blow to the ball, and crisp contact at impact. If you struggle with any of those things, you may have poor lag. Try to relax, let the club delay a little bit, and hit down and through the golf ball.

How do you hit with lag?

How do you lag a driver?

Are Pro v1 good for slow swing speed?

If you typically hit the ball lower, due to slower swing speeds or lower spin rates, then the ProV1x will be better for you out on the course. Now, these balls also come with some awesome new features that are pretty similar between both balls, including: Player Benefits: Longer Distance with Consistent Flight.

Do you create lag with a driver?

When you are swinging a driver, the shaft of the club should be bent slightly during the lag phase as you drive down powerfully toward the ball. In the final moments prior to impact, your lag will be released as the club shaft straightens back out, and the ball will be launched into the air.

How much distance does lag add?

The only way to swing the towel and extend it completely is to lag it. Increasing your lag on the downswing will increase your clubhead speed and add 20 to 30 yards to your drives.

Do you need lag with a driver?


You lack that oomph that your big-hitting buddies possess. If you want to go from bunter to bomber— and even blow it past your pals—you need more lag in your swing. Lag is the feeling that the clubhead is lagging behind your hands in the downswing before it “catches up” at impact.

Does the lag shot work?