Is Blake Griffin still playing?

Now, he isn’t playing at all. He has been a healthy scratch in three straight games as head coach Steve Nash incorporates new acquisitions from the trade deadline into his rotation. Griffin joined the Nets last season looking to become a key player on a championship team.

What happened to Blake Griffin?

Blake Griffin on being removed from Nets rotation: ‘I didn’t necessarily see that coming’ This time last season, Blake Griffin appeared to be on his last legs as he struggled to get anything going with the Detroit Pistons. But after agreeing to a buyout, Griffin signed with the Brooklyn Nets and was rejuvenated.

What team is Blake Griffin on 2022?

Blake Griffin | Brooklyn Nets |

Why is Blake Griffin out of the rotation?

The 32-year-old left the game early because of knee tightness, but not before scoring 17 points and adding seven rebounds and six assists. Nash removing Griffin from the rotation altogether was mind-boggling, but now Brooklyn’s head coach is ironically having to depend on the 12-year veteran.

Why did Blake stop dunking?

“It was definitely a hurried-up schedule. And I think we saw that a lot of guys just needed a little bit more time to get all the way back to game shape. “He had already sat out so much of the previous year, there was no chance he’d sit out [the start of this season].

What is Zach LaVine’s vertical?

Zach LaVine is entering the 2021-22 NBA season with a max vertical leap of 46 inches.

Who is Blake Griffin father?

How tall is Blake?