What is the synonym of ashamed?

apologetic, bashful, contrite, distraught, distressed, embarrassed, guilty, hesitant, humble, humiliated, regretful, reluctant, repentant, shy, sorry, abashed, blushing, chagrined, compunctious, conscience-stricken.

What are some synonyms of embarrassed?

Synonyms & Antonyms of embarrassed
  • abashed,
  • discomfited,
  • discomforted,
  • discomposed,
  • disconcerted,
  • discountenanced,
  • self-conscious.

Are embarrassed and ashamed synonyms?

synonyms for embarrassed
  • ashamed.
  • abashed.
  • disconcerted.
  • flustered.

How do you say you are ashamed?

What does it mean to feel ashamed?

1 : feeling shame, guilt, or disgrace I’m ashamed of my behavior. 2 : kept from doing something by fear of shame or embarrassment He was ashamed to beg.

What is a five letter word for embarrassment?

Embarrassment with 5 Letters (15 Additional results)

How do you describe embarrassment?

Embarrassment, or to be embarrassed, is a feeling of self-consciousness, awkwardness or shame. Think about a time when you felt embarrassed. What did you do to cover up your embarrassment?

What are antonyms of embarrassed?

antonyms for embarrassing
  • convenient.
  • easy.
  • helpful.
  • straightforward.
  • uncomplicated.
  • comfortable.
  • unshameful.

What is the opposite of being embarrassed?

Opposite of feeling or showing embarrassment. unabashed. proud. shameless. unashamed.

What is it called when you dont get embarrassed?

unashamed. adjective. not embarrassed about your behaviour or attitude, even if other people might not approve of it.

What a shame meaning?

1 : a painful emotion caused by having done something wrong or improper. 2 : ability to feel shame Have you no shame? 3 : dishonor entry 1 sense 1, disgrace There is no shame in admitting mistakes. 4 : something that brings disgrace or causes painful emotion or strong regret It’s a shame he couldn’t join us.

What is the opposite of feeling ashamed?

Ashamed implies that the thing you did that you feel guilty about is morally wrong or bad. He was ashamed that he had been caught stealing. The opposite of ashamed is unashamed. Unashamed is more formal than ashamed.

What kind of word is embarrassed?

the state of being embarrassed; disconcertment; abashment. an act or instance of embarrassing. something that embarrasses. an overwhelmingly excessive amount; overabundance: an embarrassment of riches.

What are examples of shame?

Examples of Shame

Feeling unattractive about a particular part of the body or a specific physical feature. Blaming oneself for being a victim of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Replaying embarrassing interactions or mistakes over and over again in the mind.

What kind of word is shame?

shame is a noun and a verb, ashamed and shameful are adjectives:He felt shame after hurting the man. Her response shamed him into an apology. I was ashamed of what I had done.

Is shame and ashamed the same?

Both shame and ashamed refer to the same idea of guilt or humiliation because of sub-standard behavior, shame is a noun or sometimes a verb, ashamed is an adjective.

What are the three types of shame?

Here are the four different areas of shame, according to Burgo:
  • Unrequited love.
  • Exclusion.
  • Unwanted exposure.

What emotion is shame?

Shame can be defined as a feeling of embarrassment or humiliation that arises in relation to the perception of having done something dishonorable, immoral, or improper. While shame is a negative emotion, its origins play a part in our survival as a species.