What is synonym for bespoke?

bespoke. custom-fit. custom-made. made-to-measure. sewn.

Does bespoke mean unique?

Bespoke also sounds a bit old-fashioned, but that’s probably why it became so trendy—it’s often used to imply a handcrafted, unique approach to making something.

Why do people say bespoke?

The customer would discuss – in advance – their specifications for the garment, and the tailor would create it, complying with those needs. Thus, in the present day, the Oxford English Dictionary defines the adjective ‘bespoke’ as “a product made specially, according to the needs of an individual customer”.

What is the synonym of custom-made?

custom-built. customized. made-to-order. personalized. tailor-made.

What is the difference between custom and bespoke?

Bespoke is a specific type of custom. All bespoke suits are custom, but not all custom suits are bespoke. Bespoke means made from scratch. Most custom suits are not bespoke.

What is bespoke example?

The definition of bespoke is clothing made-to-order or the making of custom clothing. A shirt that is made-to-order and sewn for its wearer is an example of something that would be described as bespoke.

What is the meaning of word bespoke?

Definition of bespoke

1a : custom-made a bespoke suit. b : dealing in or producing custom-made articles a bespoke tailor. 2 dialect : engaged.

What the heck does bespoke mean?

tailored to one’s needs
Essentially, “bespoke” means tailored to one’s needs, much in the same way one has a suit tailored to one’s taste; but the term can also be applied to a wide array of products and services in building and renovating.

What does bespoke mean in design?

made to order
What is bespoke design? Well anything bespoke is “custom made”, “made to order”. It’s anything that has been designed specifically with you in mind, a product that has been created and crafted to meet you or your companies specific needs.

Do Americans say bespoke?

According to Collins English Dictionary, the term was generally British English in 2008. American English more commonly uses the word custom instead, as in custom-made, custom car, or custom motorcycle. Nevertheless, bespoke has seen increased usage in American English during the 21st century.

Does bespoke mean expensive?

It is entirely separate from the over-worked expressions custom or made to measure whose meaning is to make certain adjustments to an existing design or pattern. Bespoke is the epitome of the luxury experience and therefore inherently the most expensive option available.

Is bespoke a pretentious word?

It’s tempting to say that “bespoke” is advertising-speak, a pretentious word, but it is both more and less that. It conveys a high-end feel, one that elevates “custom made” to private jet status, with a British accent.

What are bespoke goods?

(bɪspoʊk) or custom-made. adjective. (Retail: Products) Bespoke items are designed or made to fit the requirements of an individual customer.

Does bespoke mean handmade?

Custom means made or done to order. Bespoke means made by hand. These phrases have become interchangeable over time.

Is bespoke only for men?

Modern tailoring and ready-made pieces…

The short answer is ‘No’, but of course it’s never quite that simple. Traditionally the term bespoke has indeed been used for men’s tailoring only, however as women’s clothing needs have changed it is now used for both genders.

Why is bespoke the best?

Bespoke vs.

When you do view clothing from more of an investment perspective, a bespoke suit is clearly the best option since it is made out of better materials and with stronger design. While any suit breaks down over time, the speed will be slower with custom ones.

Is bespoke the same as couture?

A bespoke garment is usually constructed mainly be a machine but still has the integrity of high-quality materials, design and construction, but would not be considered as couture. “Couture” means ‘highly handmade’ and is a French word for sewing or fashion. About 60% of the garment is hand sewn, not by machine.

What is a bespoke size?

Bespoke: A new pattern is created for each individual wearer. No modification or use of base patterns, as that could lead the tailor to miss some of the small nuances of the wearer’s body. More than just measurements are needed to achieve this (what is the slope of the shoulder, the arch of the back, etc).