What is the synonym of Broad?

The words deep and wide are common synonyms of broad.

What is the antonym of the broad?

Antonyms. narrow-minded thinness smart tall outside. large-minded liberal broad-minded.

What is the meaning of very broad?

1. of large extent from side to side; wide. 2. having great extent or expanse; spacious. broad prairies.

What is the noun form of broad?

Adjective. broadly adverb. He smiled broadly. broadness noun. the broadness of the law’s scope.

What does broad mean in writing?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] You use broad to describe a word or meaning which covers or refers to a wide range of different things.

What is an example of broad?

The definition of broad refers to something that is wide from side to side, or to something that covers a lot of area. An example of a broad house is one that fills the entire lot from side to side.

What is the verb of broad?

broaden one’s knowledge. broaden the canal. Synonyms: widen, extend. (intransitive) To become broad or broader.

What is adjective of broad?

adjective, broad·er, broad·est. of great breadth: The river was too broad to swim across. measured from side to side: The desk was three feet broad. of great extent; large: the broad expanse of ocean.

What is the Synonym of narrow?

See definition of narrow on Dictionary.com. adj.confined, restricted. adj.intolerant, small-minded. adj.cheap, stingy. verbreduce, simplify.

Which is the synonyms of buy?

  • acquire,
  • gain,
  • garner,
  • get,
  • obtain,
  • procure,
  • secure,
  • win.

What is the best Synonym for Spectrum?

Synonyms of spectrum
  • diapason,
  • gamut,
  • range,
  • scale,
  • spread,
  • stretch.

What is the Synonym word of select?

Some common synonyms of selection are alternative, choice, election, option, and preference.

Which is opposite word?

An opposite word can be defined as a word that expresses a meaning as opposed to the meaning of a particular word. In this case, the two words are called antonyms of each other.

What is the Synonym of old?

Some common synonyms of old are ancient, antiquated, antique, archaic, obsolete, and venerable.

What means snap up?

phrasal verb

snapped up; snapping up; snaps up. : to buy or take (something or someone) quickly or eagerly. Shoppers came to the store to snap up bargains after the holidays. The company is hiring.

What is opposite of kid?

Opposite of a child or young person. adult. grown-up. grownup. man.

What is the opposite of 3?

negative three
One, two, three. So the opposite of three is negative three.

What is the opposite of B?

Opposites in English – Word list – A – F
awfuldelicious, nice, pleasant
backin front of

What age are toddlers?

2-3 years
Toddlers (2-3 years of age)

What is the opposite honest?

The word, ‘honest’ is an adjective which means ‘free of deceit’. It also means, ‘truthful and sincere’. The word, ‘deceptive‘ is an adjective which means ‘dishonest/ misleading’. As the two words have opposite meanings, they are antonyms and option B, ‘deceptive’ is the correct answer.

What is the opposite word in beautiful?

Beautiful Ugly
Antonym of Beautiful
Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Can 2 year olds talk?

Most kids say 1–2 words by 15 months and 3 or more words by 18 months. By 2 years old, most toddlers are saying even more words and can put together 2-word sentences. No matter when they say their first words, it’s a sure bet they already understand much of what you say.

Can 3 year olds talk?

By age 3, a toddler’s vocabulary usually is more than 200 words. Kids can string together 2- or 3-word sentences. They can talk with you in a conversation that has at least 2 back-and-forth exchanges. Other people can understand your toddler most of the time.