What is the synonym of clarify?

verbbring into agreement or to a standard. accord. allocate. arrange. clarify.

What is the synonym of clearly?

apparently, certainly, definitely, distinctly, evidently, obviously, openly, plainly, positively, precisely, seemingly, surely, undoubtedly, acutely, audibly, beyond doubt, conspicuously, decidedly, discernibly, incontestably.

What is the meaning of word clarifying?

to make understandable
1 : to make understandable clarify a subject The president was forced to clarify his position on the issue. 2 : to free of confusion needs time to clarify his thoughts.

What is a synonym for clear explanation?

Some common synonyms of explain are elucidate, explicate, expound, and interpret. While all these words mean “to make something clear or understandable,” explain implies a making plain or intelligible what is not immediately obvious or entirely known.

What is another word for clearly understood?

What is another word for easily understood?
coherentcrystal clear

What’s another word for making something clear?

explain; make explicit; make clear. make clear; make clearer; elucidate; illustrate; explain; correct; visualize; visualise.

What word means to explain in more detail?

1 clarify, clear up, define, demonstrate, describe, disclose, elucidate, explicate (formal) expound, illustrate, interpret, make clear or plain, resolve, solve, teach, unfold.

How do you say very well explained?

synonyms for very well
  1. okay.
  2. agreed.
  3. certainly.
  4. definitely.
  5. of course.
  6. positively.
  7. surely.
  8. without a doubt.

What is another way to say clear and concise?

Some common synonyms of concise are compendious, laconic, pithy, succinct, summary, and terse. While all these words mean “very brief in statement or expression,” concise suggests the removal of all that is superfluous or elaborative.

Can you think clearly synonym?

“If you have a clear head, you will be able to think clearly and determine if things are getting out of hand.”

What is another word for able to think clearly?
able to reason clearlycapable of thought
compos mentisof sound mind

What is the synonym and antonym of clearly?

adj.cloudless, bright. adj.understandable, apparent. adj.open, unhindered. adj.transparent. adj.not guilty.

How do you say it is clear differently?

“It is clear he is a stranger to Mr.

What is another word for it is clear?

What’s another word for perfectly clear?

absolutely clear; transparent; lucid.

What is another word for see through or clear?

Some common synonyms of transparent are clear, limpid, and translucent. While all these words mean “capable of being seen through,” transparent implies being so clear that objects can be seen distinctly.