What is a synonym deposit?

save, squirrel (away), stash, store, stow.

What is a synonym for security deposit?

down payment

nounpart payment when buying. binder. deposit. earnest. earnest money.

What’s the opposite to deposit?

Related wordsThe opposite of deposit is withdraw.

What is the use of deposit?

A deposit, broadly speaking, represents money held at a bank. One definition of deposit refers to when a portion of funds is used as security or collateral for the delivery of goods or services. Another kind of deposit involves a transfer of funds to another party, such as a bank, for safekeeping.

How do you use deposit in a sentence?

Examples of deposit in a Sentence

I deposited over $3,000 this afternoon. Please deposit your things in your room and return to the hotel lobby. The taxi deposited us at the train station. Noun Our records show that she made a large deposit to her account earlier in the month.

What is a deposition simple definition?

Definition of deposition

1a law : a testifying especially before a court was sworn in before giving his deposition. b : declaration specifically, law : testimony taken down in writing under oath took depositions from the witnesses.

What is a synonym for a minimum deposit plan?

What is a synonym for a “minimum deposit plan?” Financial Plan.

Which is opposite word?

An opposite word can be defined as a word that expresses a meaning as opposed to the meaning of a particular word. In this case, the two words are called antonyms of each other.

What’s a synonym for storage?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for storage, like: repository, store, cache, storage space, depot, storehouse, data storage, depository, magazine, stockpile and accommodation.

What is a first deposit?

A bank of first deposit (BOFD) is a bank at which an individual first deposits a check into his or her account.

What is open deposit?

A minimum opening deposit is a certain amount of money—usually $25 to $100—that a bank or credit union requires you to deposit to open a checking or savings account. Some financial institutions do not require a minimum opening deposit.

What is deposit and withdrawal?

If you’re wondering what is the difference between a deposit and a withdrawal, the truth is that they are exact opposites: A deposit is money put into a bank account for safekeeping until you need it. A withdrawal is money that’s taken out of your account.

What does balance deposit mean?

A home deposit, also called a full or balance deposit, is the amount of money that you’re legally required to pay as a home buyer to secure a property that’s available for sale. A home deposit is typically a larger amount (for example, between 2.5% to 10% of the purchase price).

What is the bank of deposit?

What Are Bank Deposits? Bank deposits consist of money placed into banking institutions for safekeeping. These deposits are made to deposit accounts such as savings accounts, checking accounts, and money market accounts.

How do I fill out deposit slip?

To fill out a deposit slip:
  1. List the amount of money you want to deposit. …
  2. For example, add $30 (cash) and $450.55 (check).
  3. Enter the subtotal. …
  4. Enter any amount you want back. …
  5. Enter the Total. …
  6. Sign the deposit slip.
  7. Take the slip and the money you want to deposit to a teller at your bank.