What is the synonym of diagnosis?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for diagnosis, like: investigation, analysis, determination, examination, judgment, diagnosing, post-operative, opinion, clinical-diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

What is the real meaning of diagnosis?

Definition of diagnosis

1a : the art or act of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms. b : the decision reached by diagnosis the doctor’s diagnosis. 2a : investigation or analysis of the cause or nature of a condition, situation, or problem diagnosis of engine trouble.

Which abbreviation is synonyms with diagnosis?

There is one common abbreviation of diagnosis: dx.

What is the opposite word of diagnosis?

“I am appalled at your indifference towards a matter of such importance.”

What is the opposite of diagnosis?

What is the word for self diagnosis?

Cyberchondria is a growing concern among many healthcare practitioners as patients can now research any and all symptoms of a rare disease, illness or condition, and manifest a state of medical anxiety.

What is diagnosis plural?

plural diagnoses /ˌdajəgˈnoʊˌsiːz/ diagnosis.

What is the synonyms of cure?

Cure, heal, remedy imply making well, whole, or right.

What is another word for diagnostic assessment?

diagnostic assay (noun)

diagnostic assay.

What is the synonym for disorder?

chaos, complication, disturbance, lawlessness, trouble, unrest, affliction, ailment, disease, malady, sickness, anarchy, ataxia, confusion, derangement, disarrangement, disarray, discombobulation, disorderliness, disorganization.

What is the medical term for treatment?

therapy. noun. a form of treatment for an illness or medical condition.

Which means synonym?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for which, like: that, thus, therefore, for-which, whereby, so-that, to-some-extent, in this way, these, whatever and what.

What is the difference between diagnosis and treatment?

Abstract. The diagnostic process not only paves the way for treatment, but also functions as a type of treatment itself. Both behavioral and physical problems can respond to diagnosis properly used as a therapeutic tool.

What is another word for medical attention?

What is another word for medical attention?

What is the meaning of medical intervention?

(IN-ter-VEN-shun) In medicine, a treatment, procedure, or other action taken to prevent or treat disease, or improve health in other ways.

What is the process of diagnosis?

taking an appropriate history of symptoms and collecting relevant data. physical examination. generating a provisional and differential diagnosis. testing (ordering, reviewing, and acting on test results)