What is the synonym of disgusting?

Words related to disgusting

abominable, awful, creepy, distasteful, gruesome, hateful, horrific, loathsome, nasty, objectionable, obnoxious, odious, outrageous, repugnant, scandalous, shameless, shocking, vile, vulgar, cloying.

What is the synonym of gross?

(also repellant), repugnant, repulsive, revolting.

What’s the meaning disgusting?

causing disgust
Definition of disgusting

: causing a strong feeling of dislike or disinclination : causing disgust the food was disgusting a disgusting magazine a disgusting way to treat people.

How do you say disgusting in slang?

The floor was deep with bat dung giving off a nauseous smell.
  1. grotty (slang)
  2. cringe-making (British, informal)
  3. yucky or yukky (slang)
  4. festy (Australian, slang)
  5. yucko (Australian, slang)

What is a word worse than disgusting?

adjectivevery bad; terrible. abominable. alarming. appalling. atrocious.

Why does gross mean disgusting?

It’s likely that it’s related to the older sense of the word meaning “[r]ude, uninstructed, ignorant” or “[e]xtremely coarse in behaviour or morals; brutally lacking in refinement or decency”. I’m not sure that 1959 quote really is using gross as “disgusting”.

What is the opposite of Gros?

(of income or profit) Opposite of without deduction of tax or other contributions. net. nett. final. remaining.

What is the synonym of net?

What is another word for net?

What’s the meaning of undisguised?

/ˌʌn.dɪsˈɡaɪzd/ An undisguised feeling is clearly shown or expressed, when it is usually kept hidden: She looked at him with undisguised contempt. Apparent and obvious.

What is a synonym for icky?

Icky synonyms and antonyms

Unattractive, dislikable, objectionable. 1. 0. unpleasant. Not pleasant.

What is the opposite neat?

Antonym of Neat

Word. Antonym. Neat. Messy, Untidy. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What are the opposite words?

An opposite word can be defined as a word that expresses a meaning as opposed to the meaning of a particular word. In this case, the two words are called antonyms of each other.

What is the opposite of nay?

What is the opposite of nay?

What is the opposite dirty?

Clean: immaculate, spotless, not dirty. Therefore, the correct answer is Clean.

What is the opposite word in love?

Antonym. Love. Hate. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite of meat?

What is the opposite of meat?

What is a dirty person called?

4 corrupt, crooked, dishonest, fraudulent, illegal, treacherous, unfair, unscrupulous, unsporting. 5 base, beggarly, contemptible, cowardly, despicable, ignominious, low, low-down (informal) mean, nasty, scurvy, shabby, sordid, squalid, vile.

How do you say dirty?