What is a synonym for erase or delete?

expunge, obliterate, root (out), rub out, wipe out.

What eraser means?

one that erases
Definition of eraser

: one that erases especially : a device (such as a piece of rubber or a felt pad) used to erase marks (as of ink or chalk)

What is a synonym for rubber?

What is another word for rubber?
neoprenefoam rubber
India rubbervulcanized rubber

What is the verb for eraser?

verb. \ i-ˈrās , British -ˈrāz \ erased; erasing; erases.

What noun is eraser?

eraser. / (ɪˈreɪzə) / noun. an object, such as a piece of rubber or felt, used for erasing something written, typed, etca pencil eraser. Slang.

What is the sentence of eraser?

My skin was darkish-olive like something smeared by an eraser.

Is eraser American or British?

Yes, Minpeng, in the United States, eraser is used. when a Brit asked me if I had a rubber.

What is a eraser used for in technical drawing?

The eraser is used to remove preliminary or unwanted lines. An erasing shield is used to remove a line that is close to other lines on the drawing that are not being removed. The shield protects the good lines. Electric erasers are extremely useful for extensive drafting.

What part of speech is eraser?

A thing used to erase or remove something written or drawn by a pen or a pencil. “I have worn out the eraser on this pencil.”

What is another name for a pencil eraser?

rubber eraser
Alternate Synonyms for “pencil eraser”:

rubber eraser; rubber; eraser.

How many types of eraser are there?

The 5 Types of Erasers Every Artist Should Know.

What is eraser made of?

The modern eraser is usually a mixture of an abrasive such as fine pumice, a rubbery matrix such as synthetic rubber or vinyl, and other ingredients. The mixture is processed and extruded and, if made with rubber, vulcanized to bond the ingredients.

Why are erasers pink?

Most pumice was white or red, but at one point the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company sourced pink pumice and plopped it atop their pencils. The colour proved popular with consumers, which led to the aforementioned 1916 pink eraser known as the ‘Pink Pearl.

What makes a good eraser?

Generally, erasers that contain silica grit and rubber (see the Tombow Mono Sand Eraser) will be the best tool to use in tandem with colored pencils. On the other hand, vinyl, gum, kneaded, rubber, and foam (PVC) all can be used to remove graphite marks from a sheet.

How was eraser invented?

Erasers were invented by accident.

And Nairne claimed to have come upon his invention accidentally: He inadvertently picked up a piece of rubber instead of breadcrumbs, he said, thereby realizing rubber’s erasing properties. Don’t miss what matters.

Do erasers expire?

When the pencil eraser gets old, dirt may accumulate on the surface leaving dirty marks on paper whenever used. It also hardens, looses shape or becomes brittle making it unfit for use.

Is there a pen eraser?