What is the synonym for extreme?

Some common synonyms of extreme are excessive, exorbitant, extravagant, immoderate, and inordinate. While all these words mean “going beyond a normal limit,” extreme may imply an approach to the farthest limit possible or conceivable but commonly means only to a notably high degree.

What is the full meaning of extreme?

very great in degree or severity
1 : very great in degree or severity extreme heat extreme poverty. 2 : farthest away the extreme edge. 3 : more demanding or dangerous than normal extreme sports.

What is a good synonym for extremely?

What is another word for extremely good?

Is drastic a synonym of extreme?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for drastic, like: extreme, severe, dire, radical, desperate, mild, rash, calm, collected, easy and harsh.

What are examples of extreme?

An extreme is defined as something which is the farthest or highest, or things that are very different or far apart from one another. An example of extreme is the top of Mount Everest. An example of extreme is the range of feelings from depressed to very joyful. Very dangerous or difficult.

How do you use the word extreme?

1, His political ideas are rather extreme. 2, We are working under extreme pressure at the moment. 3, You should exercise extreme caution when driving in fog. 4, Some of his views seem rather extreme.

What is the synonym of drastic?

dire, forceful, harsh, radical, desperate, exorbitant, extravagant, immoderate, strong.

What is the another name of drastic?

What is another word for drastic?

What is an example of drastic?

The definition of drastic is something radical or extreme. When you have very long hair and you suddenly shave your head, this is an example of a change that would be described as drastic.

What is the meaning of extreme in Oxford dictionary?

very great in degree
adjective. adjective. /ɪkˈstrim/ 1[usually before noun] very great in degree We are working under extreme pressure at the moment. people living in extreme poverty I’m having extreme difficulty not losing my temper with her.

What is the difference between extreme and very?

“Very” is stronger than any of the above. If I’m very happy with my new job, it’s going great. “Extremely” is the strongest of all. It means that this is about as good as a job can get.

What does extreme place mean?

the point located farthest from the middle of something. synonyms: extreme point, extremum. types: acme, apex, peak, vertex, zenith.

What word class is extreme?

What type of word is extreme? As detailed above, ‘extreme’ can be an adjective or a noun. Adjective usage: At the extreme edges, the coating is very thin. Adjective usage: He has an extreme aversion to needles, and avoids visiting the doctor.

What is the noun form of extremely?

extreme ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌

What does extremely well mean?

Adverb. In a manner that demonstrates high quality or standard. excellently. wonderfully. admirably.