What are synonyms for forlorn?

Some common synonyms of forlorn are alone, desolate, lonely, lonesome, lone, and solitary.

What does forlorn mean mean?

sad and lonely
Definition of forlorn

1a : bereft, forsaken left quite forlorn of hope. b : sad and lonely because of isolation or desertion : desolate a forlorn landscape. 2 : being in poor condition : miserable, wretched forlorn tumbledown buildings.

What is the antonym of forlorn?

The word ‘Forlorn’ means feeling unhappiness. The antonyms of the word ‘Forlorn’ are “elated, excited, thrilled“. From the antonym of the given word, we can say that the word ‘elated’ is the opposite in meaning. The word ‘elated’ means ecstatically happy.

Is miserable a synonym for forlorn?

desolate or dreary; unhappy or miserable, as in feeling, condition, or appearance. lonely and sad; forsaken. expressive of hopelessness; despairing: forlorn glances.

What is an example of forlorn?

Abandoned, deserted, or desolate. The definition of forlorn is something or someone with a very poor condition, or is pitifully lonely or sad. A puppy watching his owner leave for the day is an example of a puppy that would be described as forlorn.

What type of word is forlorn?

forlorn adjective
forlorn adjective (SAD)

How do you use forlorn in a sentence?

He was told that he was a forlorn figure. Our defiance may be what sometimes used to be called a forlorn hope, but defiance it remains. Any attempt to fit such a diverse industry into the straitjacket of eight representatives will prove to be forlorn. I am afraid my plea is rather a forlorn hope.

How do you pronounce forlorn?

What is the past tense of forlorn?

Forlese verb forms
InfinitivePresent ParticiplePast Participle

What does forlorn figure mean?

alone and unhappy
alone and unhappy; left alone and not cared for: She looked a forlorn figure standing at the bus stop. Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples.

How do you say the word melancholy?

How do you pronounce Sheol?

How do you say the word wretched?

What is meliconi?

steal someone’s thunder exp. take credit for another person’s accomplishment.

What is Melon Collie mean?

persistent sadness or hopelessness; depression
(mĕl′ən-kō′lē-ə) n. Extreme, persistent sadness or hopelessness; depression. No longer in clinical use.