What is the synonym of gumption?

nouncourage; initiative; shrewdness.

What is the full meaning of gumption?

Definition of gumption

1 : enterprise, initiative lacked the gumption to try. 2 chiefly dialectal : common sense, horse sense.

Had the gumption meaning?

/ˈɡʌmp.ʃən/ us. /ˈɡʌmp.ʃən/ the ability to decide what is the best thing to do in a particular situation, and to do it with energy and determination: She had the gumption to write directly to the company manager and persuade him to give her a job.

What is an example of gumption?

The definition of gumption is determination and courage. When you are the only one who has the courage to speak up and tell your boss that the new reporting system is ineffective and costing people too much time and money, this is an example of gumption.

Is it good to have gumption?

Gumption, defined, is a lot of good things swished together that benefit you, like an order of mega nachos designed to help your life. It is initiative and resourcefulness and courage and common sense and shrewdness.

How do you get gumption?

Be Bold and Audacious. People who have gumption don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, and they don’t wait for others to take action. Instead, they boldy step forward and get to work on making things happen themselves. They have the audacity to think big, act big, and be big.

Where is the word gumption from?

Etymology. From Scots gumption (“common sense, shrewdness; drive, initiative”); further etymology unknown, possibly connected with Middle English gome (“attention, heed”), from Old Norse gaumr (“attention, heed”). English cognates include gaum (“to comprehend, understand”) and goam (“to recognize, see”).

What is a Gumptious person?

Definition of gumptious

: having gumption : alert, eager, vigorous a gumptious little helper.

Whats the definition of gawked?

intransitive verb. : to gape or stare stupidly gawked at the fish in the aquarium.

What is the antonym of the below word gumption?

What is the opposite of gumption?

What is the meaning of superciliously?

Definition of supercilious

: coolly and patronizingly haughty reacted to their breach of etiquette with a supercilious smile.

What is the synonym of entrepreneurial?

enterprising. go-getting. gumptious. pioneering. up-and-coming.

What is a synonym for moxie?

Words related to moxie

boldness, fearlessness, fortitude, grit, guts, spunk, stamina, tenacity, toughness, adventurousness, audacity, backbone, braveness, bravery, daring, dash, dauntlessness, determination, gameness, hardihood.

What is the meaning of get up and go?

/ˈɡet̬ˌʌp·ənˈɡoʊ/ the quality of being energetic, determined, and enthusiastic: We need someone with real get-up-and-go to run this office. (Definition of get-up-and-go from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is the synonym of the word tenacity ‘?

Some common synonyms of tenacity are courage, mettle, resolution, and spirit. While all these words mean “mental or moral strength to resist opposition, danger, or hardship,” tenacity adds to resolution implications of stubborn persistence and unwillingness to admit defeat.

What is a spunky personality?

A spunky person is someone who’s high spirited and brave. The hero of a fairy tale is often described as spunky. It takes a spunky traveler to cheerfully find her way across a busy city without a map, and a spunky kindergartner might march bravely into school on the first day.

Is MOXE a word?

MOXE is not a valid scrabble word.

Is Moxie a Yiddish word?

The source of the name Moxie is as mysterious as its original ingredients. The word has been attributed to a Yiddish word and also to a Native American word meaning “dark water.” Thompson himself claimed he named the beverage after Lt. Moxie, a friend who supposedly discovered the “rare plant” used in the cure-all.

Is Spunky a positive word?

The definition of spunky is “spirited,” or “courageous and determined,” from the Scottish spunk, “spark of fire.” But it too has been cutified. If grandmothers are the archetypal feisty people, then small young women, such as gymnast Simone Biles, are considered spunky. empower and uplift daily.

What does spunky mean for a girl?

The definition of spunky is someone who has a lot of energy or is spirited. An example of someone spunky is a lively teenage girl. adjective. 3. Spirited or plucky.