What is the synonym of Impress?

Some common synonyms of impress are affect, influence, strike, sway, and touch.

What is the best synonyms for Impressed?

  • affected.
  • fascinated.
  • dazzled.
  • snowed.

What word means easily impressed?

impressionable youngster
adjective. easily impressed or influenced; susceptible: an impressionable youngster. capable of being impressed.

How do you say I’m very impressed?

Other Similar Phrases To Show You’re Impressed
  1. Wow, that’s impressive!
  2. Isn’t that something?
  3. How’d you do that? That’s amazing!
  4. Nice! ( common even though just one word)
  5. You look like a million bucks! ( specifically for physical appearance)

What does so impressed mean?

If you are impressed by something or someone, you feel great admiration for them. I’m very impressed with the new airport. American English: impressed /ɪmˈprɛst/

What is the sentence of impressed?

I am impressed you learned it. Maybe he was impressed with how quickly Jonathan improved. Her happiness impressed all; nobody seemed to pity her. The peasants in the crowd were similarly impressed when they saw Rostov’s rapid, firm steps and resolute, frowning face.

What is the meaning of very impressive?

: making or tending to make a marked impression : having the power to excite attention, awe, or admiration an impressive display of skill.

What does the word impressment mean?

Definition of impressment

: the act of seizing for public use or of impressing into public service.

Is it correct to say impressed by?

Both can be used, but it generally depends on the sentence. For most situations, I would use ‘impressed by’. For example, ‘I was impressed by her level of English’ and ‘I was impressed with her level of English’ are both correct, but I personally prefer the first sentence.

Is very impressed correct?

Both are correct because the verb impressed is followed by with or by. So you can say: He looked very impressed with it.

Which preposition is used with Impressed?

preposition by
The element which causes the impression is generally introduced using the preposition by or with, although in some instances the preposition is unnecessary. Marty impressed the judges by leaping high into the air, somersaulting twice, and landing steadily on his skates.

What kind of word is impressed?

impressed adjective
impressed adjective – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced American Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

Is impressed an adjective?

IMPRESSED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.