What is the synonym of jibe?

verbprove accurate or consistent. agree. be verifiable. correspond. jibe.

What is the word jibe mean?

transitive verb. : to deride or tease with taunting words boxers gibing each other before a fight. jibe.

Is it jive or jibe?

Jive means either a type of music or loose, meaningless chatter. Jibe means to be in accord; agree. To confuse matters, jibe also means to shift your sail from one side of the vessel to the other (sometimes spelled gybe). And gibe, which means to make taunting, heckling remarks, can also be spelled jibe.

How do you use jibe in a sentence?

Jibe sentence example

The old jibe about justice being open to all, like the Ritz, has never been more true. But it just doesn’t jibe with the image you portray of the band. The results of the UCLA survey do not jibe with a Stanford University study from earlier this year.

Is jibe a valid word?

jibe n. A facetious or insulting remark; a jeer, a taunt. jibe v. (transitive) To reproach with contemptuous words; to deride, to mock, to taunt.

Does not jibe meaning?

As a verb, it usually means to agree. It’s often paired with with, to say, for example, that conclusions or budget figures jibe (agree) or don’t jibe (disagree). It also is a variant spelling of gibe.

What is the difference between a tack and a jibe?

If the turn changes the wind from one side of the boat to the other, you will have tacked or jibed.It will be a TACK (also called coming about) if you turn the bow of the boat through the eye of the wind, and it will be a JIBE if you turn the stern through the eye of the wind.

Is jibe an insult?

Meaning of jibe in English. an insulting remark that is intended to make someone look stupid: Unlike many other politicians, he refuses to indulge in cheap jibes at other people’s expense.

What is a jibe in sailing?

A jibe is a downwind turn, the mainsail is on the leeward side of the boat, and the tiller moves in the opposite direction that you want to turn. Moving the tiller away from the mainsail is equivalent to moving the tiller toward the wind which causes the boat to turn downwind.

What is jibe apply?

Jibe allows members to message those people directly to ask for a recommendation or job advice. Jibe still charges applicants to apply for jobs, but is now using a credit system.

Is it okay to say jive?

In the case of “jive,” the incorrect usage is so common that the American Heritage Dictionary has added the definition “to be in accord” after its other definitions of the word. The dictionary adds an important note about the usage, however, acknowledging that “jive” is often used where “jibe” should be.

How do you pronounce GYBE?

How do you spell GYBE?

The sailing term may be spelled either gybe or jibe. The latter is more common in US usage.

Gibe, Gybe, Jibe, and Jive
  1. a type of fast, lively jazz. …
  2. lively and uninhibited dancing. …
  3. talk or conversation, especially talk that is false, misleading, or worthless.

What is the origin of jive?

The jive is a dance style that originated in the United States from African Americans in the early 1930s. The name of the dance comes from the name of a form of African-American vernacular slang, popularized in the 1930s by the publication of a dictionary by Cab Calloway, the famous jazz bandleader and singer.

What is jive talking?

Definition of jive

1 : to talk in a foolish, deceptive, or unserious way : to talk jive (see jive entry 1 sense 1) He’s just jiving.

Is Joive a word?

JOICE is not a valid scrabble word.

How do you describe jive?

The Jive is lively and fast-paced dance that is typically danced to up-beat swing or contemporary music. In the competitive ballroom dancing communities, the Jive is considered a Latin dance, however, it also belongs to the swing dancing family.

Why is jive important?

Jive is fun

This has important advantages. It means the dancers can relax more, feel the music more, know the moves more thoroughly, and this inspires confidence, and confidence is so important to the quality of a persons dancing.

How do you perform a jive?

Is jive the same as swing?

Jive is popularly known for its heightened kicks and bounce while swing is a combination of street dances with close harmonic connection. It is usually danced with partners; one acts as the leader and the other is the follower.

Who created jive?

The Jive originated in the United States from African-Americans in the early 1930s. It was originally presented to the public in 1934 by Cab Calloway, an American jazz singer. It is a lively and uninhibited variation of the Jitterbug, a form of Swing dance.

Is jive a language or dialect?

Jive talk, Harlem jive or simply Jive (also known as the argot of jazz, jazz jargon, vernacular of the jazz world, slang of jazz, and parlance of hip) is an African-American Vernacular English slang or vocabulary that developed in Harlem, where “jive” (jazz) was played and was adopted more widely in African-American …

What are the 3 types of swing?

There are different types of swing (as you can see above) Learn 3 of the most popular! East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Country Swing.