What is the synonym of landscape?

countryside. nounnon-city environment. back roads. boonies. country.

What is an antonym for landform?

planetary object. Noun. ▲ Opposite of land with regard to its physical features. sky.

What’s a synonym for ecosystem?

synonyms for ecosystem
  • environs.
  • ecological community.

How do you describe landscape?

A landscape is part of the Earths surface that can be viewed at one time from one place. It consists of the geographic features that mark, or are characteristic of, a particular area. The term comes from the Dutch word landschap, the name given to paintings of the countryside.

What is an example of a landscape?

An example of landscape is a green and hilly forest, which has a lush landscape. An example of landscape is the plans, shrubs and bushes that have been planted to make a house look nicer. To landscape is defined as to improve the appearance of land by using carefully designed gardens, bushes or other materials.

What is the synonym and antonym of landscape?

noun. ( ˈlændˌskeɪp, ˈlænˌskeɪp) An extensive mental viewpoint. Antonyms. impropriety improperness unseemliness ill nature maleficence. stand point of view standpoint.

What is landscape synonym with land?

What is another word for landscape?
landwide view
scapefield of vision

What is the antonym of landscape?

What is the opposite of landscape?
cosmosouter space

How do you use landscape in a sentence?

He looked over his shoulder again at the dark landscape behind him. In the winter the landscape is bleak and the house is drafty. The landscape was open and flat, the heat making the ground shimmer. I have seen our river, when, the landscape being covered with snow, both water and ice were almost as green as grass.

What is a fancy word for natural?

common, essential, innate, instinctive, legitimate, logical, ordinary, reasonable, usual, easy, genuine, real, simple, pure, raw, characteristic, commonplace, constant, familiar, general.

What is another word for beautiful view?

What is another word for scenic?

What is the synonym of the word view?

Some common synonyms of view are belief, conviction, opinion, persuasion, and sentiment. While all these words mean “a judgment one holds as true,” view suggests a subjective opinion.

How do you describe nature?

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, nature is “a creative and controlling force in the universe,” “the external world in its entirety” or “humankind’s original condition.” The New Oxford American Dictionary describes nature as “the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the …

What is nature in simple words?

1 : the physical world and everything in it It is one of the most beautiful creatures found in nature. 2 : natural scenery or surroundings We took a hike to enjoy nature. 3 : the basic character of a person or thing Scientists studied the nature of the new substance.

What is the verb form of nature?

The verb form of ‘nature’ is ‘naturalise‘.

How do you describe a beautiful landscape?

To simply describe a beautiful natural scenery you can use adjective words like Pristine, Stunning, Exquisite, Indescribable etc.

How do you describe a beautiful place?

Magical – Captivating; enchanting. Majestic – Grand; impressive; stately.

How do you say beautiful place?

  1. picturesque. adjective. a picturesque place or scene is attractive, especially because it is old and interesting.
  2. unspoiled. adjective. an unspoiled place has not been changed in ways that make it less beautiful or enjoyable.
  3. pretty. adjective. …
  4. panoramic. adjective. …
  5. favoured. adjective. …
  6. picture-postcard. adjective.