What is opposite of officer?

We have listed all the opposite words for officer alphabetically. employee. agent. apprentice. assistant.

What are synonyms for manager?

Synonyms of manager
  • administrant,
  • administrator,
  • archon,
  • director,
  • exec,
  • executive,
  • superintendent,
  • supervisor.

What are synonyms for overseer?

  • superintendent.
  • supervisor.
  • executive.
  • head.
  • manager.
  • head honcho.
  • pit boss.
  • straw boss.

What is the role of officer in charge?

An OIC is typically an officer who is interested in advancing through the ranks and gives a “taste” of what it is like to be a supervisor. When appointed the title of OIC, a patrol officer attends trainings to help further develop their leadership and supervisory skills.

What is a person in charge called?

boss. nounmanager over other employees. administrator. big cheese. big gun.

What is the opposite gender of officer?

The definition of the opposite gender is that, of a person who is not of the same sex. For instance, you can use women to refer to men, the opposite of the girl is boy, and so on.

What is opposite of crew?

Opposite of an assembly of people with a common interest. pariah. outcast. outsider. castaway.

What is the feminine of officer?

This term is the gender-neutral equivalent of policeman (male) and policewoman (female).

What is the opposite of an officer in the military?

Enlisted personnel have specialties within the military. They perform specific job functions and have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure the success of their unit’s missions. Officers manage enlisted personnel. They plan missions, provide orders, and assign tasks.

What is the synonym of squad?

brigade. nounfleet of trained people. army. band. body.

What is the synonym of crew?

noungroup with common interest or pursuit. affiliation. alliance. band. bunch.

What is the noun for crew?

crew. noun. noun. /kru/ 1[countable] all the people working on a ship, plane, etc.

What is a group of person called?

crowd. noun. a large group of people at an event.

What is a small team called?

A (small) team of people working closely together. team. crew. squad. band.

What do you call a group of leaders?

A group of people constituted as the decision-making body of an organization. board. committee. panel. council.

What are 5 people called?

While not commonly used, a group of five would be called a pentad.