What is the synonym of operates?

Phrases Synonymous with operate. bring to bear, draw on. (or draw upon), make use of.

What operates mean?

Definition of operate

intransitive verb. 1 : to perform a function : exert power or influence factors operating against our success. 2 : to produce an appropriate effect the drug operated quickly. 3a : to perform an operation or a series of operations The refinery is planning to begin operating as soon as possible.

What is the antonym of operate?

What is the opposite of operate?

What is a synonym for method of operation?

rule of thumb. approach. manner. manner of working.

What is the correct form of operate?

(ɒpəreɪt ) Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense operates , present participle operating , past tense, past participle operated.

How do you use operate in a sentence?

How to use Operate in a sentence. I hope you will find him sympathetic and ready to co- operate in promoting all that is reasonable. It did not operate as a rule beyond the limits of race. That’s up to you but you’ll need me to operate the machines.

What is Operation with example?

1 : a set of actions for a particular purpose a rescue operation. 2 : a medical procedure that involves cutting into a living body in order to repair or remove a damaged or diseased part I need an operation to remove my appendix. 3 : the process of putting military forces into action naval operations.

What is the meaning of operation in business?

Everything that happens within a company to keep it running and earning money is referred to collectively as business operations. Business plans often include a section dedicated to operations so that company founders understand the systems, equipment, people, and processes need to make the organization function.

Is operation and working same?

work can also mean that you are going to work as in to a job. I agree with Ramon-X, but also, in cases where either operate or work would be appropriate, using “work” sounds more casual or simple and “operate” is more formal or complex.

Was operated on meaning?

1. To perform surgery on someone or an animal. The doctors are operating on me tomorrow morning, so I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything before then. They had to operate on my dog because something had become lodged in his intestines.

How do you describe operations?

Definition: Operations are the business activities that a firm engages in to convert materials into finished products or services, sell them to customers, and earn a profit.

How do you operate a business?

How to Run a Business
  1. Understand the marketplace and define clear KPIs.
  2. Draft a business plan.
  3. Set revenue and profitability goals.
  4. Create a human resources team.
  5. Hire the right employees.
  6. Offer benefits for staff.
  7. Implement the right tools for your growth strategy.

What are the types of operations?

There are two common types of operations: unary and binary. Unary operations involve only one value, such as negation and trigonometric functions. Binary operations, on the other hand, take two values, and include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponentiation.

What is the meaning of operation management?

Operations management (OM) is the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. It is concerned with converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization.