What are synonyms for parts?

Some common synonyms of part are division, fragment, member, piece, portion, section, and segment.

What is another word for parts or sections?

Some common synonyms of section are division, fragment, member, part, piece, portion, and segment.

What is a synonym for many parts?

having many different parts, elements, forms, etc.

What is a word for two parts?

Anything bipartite has two parts or features. A bipartite agreement has two elements. Words starting with bi usually involve two things, and that’s the very definition of this word: things that have two parts are bipartite.

What do you mean by parts?

a portion or division of a whole that is separate or distinct; piece, fragment, fraction, or section; constituent. the rear part of the house. to glue the two parts together.

What do you call a part of something?

Part, piece, portion, segment, section, fraction, fragment refer to something that is less than the whole. Part is the general word: part of a house. A piece suggests a part which is itself a complete unit or it may mean an irregular fragment: a piece of pie; a piece of a broken vase.

What is the synonym for the word some?

Synonyms: any , a few, several , a number, an amount, a certain amount, a part, a portion, a good few, a fair few.

What is another word for car parts?

What is another word for auto parts?
car partsauto components
automotive partscar components

What is another word for mechanical device?

What is another word for mechanical device?

What’s a wing?

1 : one of the paired movable feathered or membranous parts with which a bird, bat, or insect flies. 2 : something like a wing in appearance, use, or motion the wings of an airplane. 3 : a part (as of a building) that sticks out from the main part. 4 : a division of an organization.

What are the auto components?

Various sub-sectors of the Automobile component industry in India are engine parts, drive transmission & steering parts, body and chassis, suspension and braking parts, equipment, electrical parts and others such as fan belts, die-casting and sheet metal parts.

What is mechanical device?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] A mechanical device has parts that move when it is working, often using power from an engine or from electricity.

What is the synonym of sluggishly?

heavy, inactive, lethargic, listless, slack, slow, stagnant, apathetic, blah, comatose, dopey, down, dragging, draggy, drippy, hebetudinous, indolent, inert, laid-back, languid.

How many parts are in a car?

30,000 parts
The average car has roughly 30,000 parts if you count all parts down to the nuts and bolts. If you consider large parts such as the engine as one part, you can say that a car has about 1,800 separate parts. The engine alone has thousands of individual parts inside it.

What are the 4 main parts of a car?

What Are The Main Parts Of A Car And Their Functions?
  • Engine. Acting as the heart of every vehicle, the engine is what provides power to the wheels to make the car move. …
  • Transmission. …
  • Brakes. …
  • Chassis. …
  • Axle and Differential. …
  • Battery.

What are mechanical parts of a car?

Mechanical parts means operational parts on a vehicle that wear out over time or have a finite useful life or duration typically shorter than the life of the vehicle as a whole. Mechanical parts do not include external crash parts, wheels, paint, or windshields and other glass.

What is front part of car called?

bonnet. noun. British the front part of a car that covers the engine. The American word is hood.

What is the main part of a car called?

1. The Chassis. The chassis of an automobile incorporates all the major assemblies consisting of an engine, components of transmission system such as clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, axles, a control system such as brakes and steering, and suspension system of the vehicle.