What is the synonym of receive?

1 (verb) in the sense of get. Synonyms. get. accept. acquire.

What is a synonym for well received?

synonyms for well-received

attractive. beloved. famous. fashionable. favored.

What is another way to say message received?

What is another word for got the message?
become cognizant ofunfolded
gotten to knowgotten it
come to knowreasoned out

How do you say received?

What is the meaning of well received?

having been greeted or reviewed with approval
adjective (well received when postpositive) having been greeted or reviewed with approval. his well-received books.

Does not receive synonym?

Some common synonyms of refuse are decline, reject, repudiate, and spurn. While all these words mean “to turn away by not accepting, receiving, or considering,” refuse suggests more positiveness or ungraciousness and often implies the denial of something asked for.

What is the opposite word to receive?

Antonym. Receive. Send. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite in meaning of receive?

(something sent) Opposite of to take or accept delivery of. send. deliver. dispatch. forward.

What is the noun of the word receive?

The abstract Noun of Receive is reception, receivables, and receiving.

How do you say receive in Old English?

“to receive” from Old English -fōn), native Middle English thiggen (“to receive”) (from Old English þiċġan), and non-native Middle English aquilen, enquilen (“to receive”) (from Old French aquillir, encueillir).

What means receival?

(rɪˈsiːvəl ) noun. rare, formal. the act of receiving or state of being received; receipt.

What type of word is received?

Received is an adjective that refers to something that is largely accepted as true or good. It’s also the past participle of the verb receive. If you rely on received wisdom, you might not ever come up with an original idea.

What is the verb for receive?

present simple I / you / we / they receive/rɪˈsiːv/ /rɪˈsiːv/
he / she / it receives/rɪˈsiːvz/ /rɪˈsiːvz/
past simple received/rɪˈsiːvd/ /rɪˈsiːvd/
past participle received/rɪˈsiːvd/ /rɪˈsiːvd/
-ing form receiving/rɪˈsiːvɪŋ/ /rɪˈsiːvɪŋ/

Which is correct recieved or received?

“Receive” is a verb that typically means “get,” “be given,” or “be the recipient of” something. Some people misspell this word with an “-ie-” instead of an “-ei-.” But “recieve” is always an error, so make sure not to use this spelling in your writing!

What is received by mean?

Indicates the person or authoritative body who has received something. (

What is the simple past tense of receive?

received – Simple English Wiktionary.