What is the synonym of a study?

Some common synonyms of study are consider, contemplate, and weigh. While all these words mean “to think about in order to arrive at a judgment or decision,” study implies sustained purposeful concentration and attention to details and minutiae.

What is the English word for study?

study verb (EXAMINE)

[ + question word ] Researchers have been studying how people under stress make decisions. Synonyms. check (EXAMINE) check something out (EXAMINE) informal. examine (LOOK AT CAREFULLY)

What is another word for course of study?

Course Of Study synonyms
  • course of instruction. …
  • curriculum. All of the courses, collectively, offered in a school, college, etc., or in a particular subject. …
  • program. To incorporate in a computer program. …
  • programme. …
  • syllabus. …
  • class. …
  • course.

Are study and research synonyms?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for research, like: study, explore, analysis, investigative, scientific, enquiry, involved in research, do research, examination, delving and investigating.

What is the verb for study?

study. / (ˈstʌdɪ) / verb studies, studying or studied. to apply the mind to the learning or understanding of (a subject), esp by readingto study languages; to study all night. (tr) to investigate or examine, as by observation, research, etcto study the effects of heat on metal.

What is the simple past of study?

The past tense of study is studied. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of study is studies. The present participle of study is studying.

What do you call a person who always study?

A philomath (/ˈfɪləmæθ/) is a lover of learning and studying.

What is another way to say study hard?

What is another word for study hard?
apply oneselfbe assiduous
try hardbe attentive
commit oneselfdevote yourself

What is the root word for study?

Who invented study?

The Concept of Examination

Almost 2000 years ago, China was organized with an elite club of government officials, and to enter the club; one needs to pass the examinations that emperor Zhang of Hen designed. So Henry Fischel is the name of the person who invented studies.

How do you say study well?

These are the phrases I could come up with.
  1. I hope it goes easy for you.
  2. I hope the studying goes easy for you.
  3. I wish you the best in studying.
  4. I’m hoping the studying goes easily for you.
  5. Good luck studying. ( I don’t really like this one since it’s a bit vague)

Are you studying another way to say?

What is another word for studying?

What is to study hard?

cram. verb. informal to study hard in order to learn a lot in a short time, especially for an examination.

How do you say we are studying?

Is it correct to say studying?

Yes, it is correct to say studying as it means undertaking the formal study of a subject, and it can be used as a noun or verb depending on the given context.