What is another word for take note of?

What is another word for take note of?
look atremark
take notice ofpay heed to

What is another word for taking notes from a meeting?

Minutes, also known as minutes of meeting (abbreviation MoM), protocols or, informally, notes, are the instant written record of a meeting or hearing.

What do please take note mean?

: to notice or give special attention to someone or something She has been extremely successful in her own country, and now the rest of the world is beginning to take note.

What does it mean to take a note?

to write something down or remember it carefully: I’ll just take a note of your name and address.

How do you say please note in email?

“Please note…”

Be advised” or “for your reference” make better substitutes for “please note.”

What is the synonym of paying attention?

synonyms: attentive, heedful, thoughtful. Antonyms: heedless, unheeding. marked by or paying little heed or attention.

Is it polite to say please be advised?

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Please be Advised

You can use ”please be advised” in professional settings where you’re trying to present a level of authority to the statement you’re going to make. It’s a way of telling people to pay attention to the next thing you’re about the say.

What is the synonym for attention?


1 awareness, consciousness, watchfulness, alertness, mindfulness, heed. 4 deference, politeness, regard; respect, homage.

When someone is speaking I pay attention to what they say?

Overview. Active listening is a process that includes: Paying attention to what another person is saying. Thinking about what the person has just said.

How do you use please informed in a sentence?

Sentence examples for please be informed that from inspiring English sources. In 1993, Campbell’s US agent, Elite, sent out a fax reading: “To whom it may concern: please be informed that we do not wish to represent Naomi Campbell any longer.

What should I do in polite way?

Follow these tips and you should make the right impression when you talk to people.
  • Listen and be understanding. …
  • Avoid negative words – instead use positive words in a negative form. …
  • Say the magic word: Sorry. …
  • Use little words to soften your statements. …
  • Avoid ‘finger pointing’ statements with the word ‘you’

How do you say your information professionally?

Perhaps one of these might work:
  1. I’d just like to bring to your attention… + an issue / a recent discovery / an interesting fact.
  2. I would just like to update you on…
  3. I’d like to notify you that…
  4. Just so you know…
  5. Just so you’re aware…

How do you say please be informed in polite way?

Yes, “Please be informed that . . . “ is a formal phrase, alongside the similar phrase, “Please be advised that . . . “. You might also see, “Please be aware that . . .” or “Kindly be aware that . . . “

Is it polite to say for your kind information?

Information cannot be kind (it can be good or bad; helpful or not, but not kind) and therefore it is a semantically incorrect usage of the word. The correct phrase is “For your information” or just FYI for short.

Is it formal to say for your information?

Fyi stands for for your information. It’s commonly used not only in informal communication but also in formal situations to call attention to certain information.

How do I say professionally?

How do you say hoping for your kind consideration?

Preferred Form: I would appreciate your kind consideration.

What is the short form of for your kind information?

In both chat acronyms and in IT acronyms, FYI is the abbreviation for “for your information.” It is often used in both personal and business correspondence to show that information is simply being shared and that no immediate action is required or expected.