What is a synonym of tirade?

Synonyms. outburst. diatribe. an extended diatribe against academia. harangue.

What tirade means?

a protracted speech
Definition of tirade

: a protracted speech usually marked by intemperate, vituperative, or harshly censorious language.

What are antonyms for tirade?

antonyms for tirade
  • compliment.
  • praise.
  • calm.
  • harmony.
  • peace.

What is rant synonym for?

declaim, harangue, mouth (off), orate, pontificate.

How do you use tirade?

Tirade sentence example. The idea brought up a tirade. This is probably the sense in which we may interpret his tirade against Lord Whitworth at the diplomatic circle on the 13th of March. In 1848, on his return to Paris, he published a violent tirade against Russia, which caused his expulsion from France.

Is rant a negative word?

A: Yes, to “rant and rave” (to shout angrily and wildly) might be described as negative.

What’s the opposite of rant?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for ranting. angerless, delighted, pleased.

What is an emotional tirade?

A tirade is a speech, usually consisting of a long string of violent, emotionally charged words. Borrow and lose your roommate’s clothes one too many times, and you can bet you’ll be treated to a heated tirade.

Is Tiraded a word?

a prolonged outburst of bitter, outspoken denunciation: a tirade against smoking. a long, vehement speech: a tirade in the Senate. a passage dealing with a single theme or idea, as in poetry: the stately tirades of Corneille.

What does tirade mean in music?

noun A section of verse concerning a single theme ; a laisse.

What is the tirade genre?

The Sun’s Tirade is the second studio album by American rapper Isaiah Rashad.
The Sun’s Tirade
GenreHip hop
LabelTop Dawg Entertainment

What is the word capacious mean?

Definition of capacious

: containing or capable of containing a great deal the museum’s capacious rooms.

What does over bearing mean?

Definition of overbearing

1a : tending to overwhelm : overpowering had to deal with his overbearing mother. b : decisively important : dominant didn’t think it was the overbearing consideration here— J. S. Cooper. 2 : harshly and haughtily arrogant the mayor’s overbearing manner of dealing with employees.