What is the synonym of turbulence?

nounsocial commotion; mental confusion. agitation. anarchism. anarchy. brawl.

What is the opposite in meaning of turbulent?

placid cautious deliberate obedient. Answer : A. Solution : placid (Adj.): not easily excited or irritated, calm and peaceful. <br> turbulent (Adj) : unruly, disturbed: noisy and/or difficult to control.

How do you describe turbulence?

The meaning of turbulence is a sudden, violent shift in airflow. It creates up and down currents caused by irregular atmospheric motion. You can also define turbulence as that sudden jerking you sometimes feel in an airplane!

What is the full meaning of turbulent?

Definition of turbulent

1a : exhibiting physical turbulence turbulent air. b : characterized by agitation or tumult : tempestuous a turbulent marriage. 2 : causing unrest, violence, or disturbance a set of mischievous, turbulent rebels— Anne Brönte.

Which word best expresses the meaning of turbulence?

a : great commotion or agitation emotional turbulence.

What is a sentence for turbulent?

How to use Turbulent in a sentence. The citizens, however, retained their turbulent spirit. He displayed great energy in facing the difficulties of a turbulent situation, but was unsuccessful. But it is a turbulent crowd, your excellency–I hardly managed to get away from it.

How do you use turbulence in a sentence?

How to use Turbulence in a sentence. We’re running into a little turbulence from the storm. The little plane danced and swayed in the turbulence, constantly buffeted by the increasing wind. Hail meant turbulence, and turbulence meant there could be a tornado close.

What does pugnacity mean?

: having a quarrelsome or combative nature : truculent.

What is a turbulent relationship?

Relationship turbulence is caused by the disruption of ordinary routines, lifestyles, and plans that occurs when people become interdependent, spending more time together and beginning to coordinate their activities and goals. It also reflects uncertainty and possible ambivalence about the relationship.

What is the meaning of turbulent phase?

Turbulent means chaotic, disordered, characterized by conflict. A time of war is a turbulent time for a country. If your family moves and your parents get divorced, you might call that a turbulent period in your history.

What does turbulent mean in art?

1 agitated, tumultuous, violent, tempestuous, disordered.

What is a turbulent personality?

Turbulent (-T) Personality

Turbulent individuals are success-driven, perfectionistic, and eager to improve. They are always trying to counterbalance their self-doubts by achieving more. Just as they push themselves to become better, they’re as likely to push their projects or efforts in the same direction.

What is turbulence in communication?

The relational turbulence model is a perspective on communication in personal relationships that highlights how relationship transitions polarize emotions and cognitive appraisals and disrupt the exchange of messages between partners.

What does turbulent marriage mean?

involving a lot of sudden changes, arguments, or violence: a turbulent marriage.

Is it good to have a turbulent personality?

If you have turbulent traits you may be optimistic and enthusiastic about life. Likely many people around you benefit from such positivity. Others may come to you for leadership, to manage, to problem solve, or depend on you in times of their own waning hope.

What’s the difference between turbulent and assertive?

Assertiveness can be observed in work and social contexts, with assertive types being more confident and self-assured in both cases. Turbulent types, by contrast, who might generally be seen as “thinner-skinned,” are more reluctant to put themselves out there, perhaps fearing that others will judge or unsettle them.

Why does turbulence happen?

Friction between the air and the ground, especially irregular terrain and man-made obstacles, causes eddies and therefore turbulence in the lower levels. The intensity of this eddy motion depends on the strength of the surface wind, the nature of the surface and the stability of the air.

What does turbulence feel like?

“Light turbulence, often called light chop, feels like rhythmic bumpiness. You won’t have trouble walking around the cabin, and you can expect to see flight attendants out with the service cart. Moderate turbulence has increased bumpiness and will feel more erratic. You might also feel strain from your seat belt.

What causes emotional turbulence?

What is Emotional Turbulence? We all experience overwhelming emotions at times. These can be due to stress, burnout, the pressures of everyday life, or upsetting life events. These sudden and extreme shifts in mood are often unpleasant, and leave us feeling upset or drained.