What is a synonym for utilize?

The words employ and use are common synonyms of utilize. While all three words mean “to put into service especially to attain an end,” utilize may suggest the discovery of a new, profitable, or practical use for something.

What is the short word of utilize?

To utilize is to use what you have or what’s available, and it’s a three-syllable word meaning the same thing as the one-syllable “use.”

What utilize mean?

Definition of utilize

transitive verb. : to make use of : turn to practical use or account I’m a great person for utilizing waste power— Robert Frost.

What’s an example of utilize?

To utilize is to make use of something or to find a practical purpose for something. An example of utilize is when your college degree helps you get a job.

What type of word is utilize?

verb (used with object), u·ti·lized, u·ti·liz·ing. to put to use; turn to profitable account: to utilize a stream to power a mill.

What does fully utilize mean?

Verb. To get the full benefit (from something)

Is it utilize or Utilise?

Utilize and utilise are both English terms. In the United States, there is a preference for “utilize” over “utilise” (97 to 3). In the United Kingdom, there is a 70 to 30 preference for “utilise” over “utilize”. In India, there is a preference for “utilize” over “utilise” (62 to 38).

What is the opposite word of utilize?

Antonyms. go skew tactlessness assemble abstain refrain fuse.

Has been Utilised meaning?

/ˈjuː.t̬əl.aɪz/ to use something in an effective way: The vitamins come in a form that is easily utilized by the body. Using and misusing. adopt.

What is the short word of anticipate?

await, expect, hope (for), watch (for)

What is the root word for utilize?

1794, from French utiliser, from Italian utilizzare, from utile “usable,” from Latin utilis “usable,” from uti “make use of, profit by, take advantage of” (see use (v.)).

What is the define of unalterable?

: not capable of being changed or altered.

What is the synonym of derogatory?

(or libellous), maligning, slandering, slanderous, vilifying.

What is the noun for utilize?

Word family (noun) utilization (adjective) utilizable (verb) utilize. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishu‧til‧ize (also utilise British English) /ˈjuːtəlaɪz/ ●○○ AWL verb [transitive] formal to use something for a particular purpose We must consider how best to utilize what resources we have.

Why do people use utilize?

‘Utilize’ is typically used to suggest a new, profitable, or practical use for something. But English speakers have been finding -ize useful since the 16th century, and words that employ it come in handy every day (for example, authorize, capitalize, realize, and stabilize).

Is utilize a negative word?

Utilize means to get a result effectively; use doesn’t carry the “effective” connotation. Utilize means to give a use to something that was previously useless (this may share the improvisation idea with #1). Utilize is neutral, while use has a negative connotation (as in “I feel used”).

What is verb form of utilization?

/ˈyut̮lˌaɪz/ utilize something (as something) (formal)Verb Forms. he / she / it utilizes. past simple utilized. -ing form utilizing.

Which means synonym?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for which, like: that, thus, therefore, for-which, whereby, so-that, to-some-extent, in this way, these, whatever and what.