How do I find my riot ID?

Players should first log into their Riot account on Once they are logged in, they can click “RIOT ID” on the left side of the account box. Inside the account box, players will see an “edit” icon shaped like a pencil. It’s just to the right of the current Riot ID.

How do you get a riot ID in Valorant?

Riot ID. If you’re new to Riot Games, first off, welcome! This first box on the Account Page will allow you to make your Riot ID and Tagline. This is how friends will find you (and probably challenge you to a good ol’ LoR or VALORANT match).

What is Riot ID?

Think of a Riot ID as the Summoner Name…of the future! A Riot ID is comprised of two parts: your in-game name and a hashtag followed by three-to-five numbers or letters. The characters following the hashtag won’t show up in-game, though it will show up on your friends list if you hover over a friend.

Does Valorant use your riot ID?

So to recap: Your Valorant name also known as your Riot ID and Tagline, can be changed for no cost every 30 days. Changing your Riot ID will not affect your Summoner name if you have one, and will only affect your Riot ID log in and Valorant in game name.

How do I create a Riot ID?

Go to Riot Games Accounts official website. Click on ‘Create Account’, and you will be redirected to Account Sign up page. Scroll down a bit and enter your email address under the ‘Enter email here’ option. Now, click on the Start button to begin the registration process.

Can I change my Riot ID?

Note that you can only change your Riot ID and tagline once every 30 days. If you’ve already modified your details for the said period, your account dashboard will display a notification stating the same.

Is your Riot ID your display name?

Your Riot ID will be representative of your display name in all of Riot Games’ titles, so this includes League of Legends, as well as Valorant.

How do I change my Valo name?

To change your name, close the VALORANT client (if it’s open), log in to your Riot account from your browser, navigate to the Riot ID tab at the top of the page, type in your new name, and click save changes. It’s that simple. You can also change your tagline, which can be found at the end of your name.

What characters are allowed in Riot ID?

Names must be at least 3 characters long and no more than 16 characters long. No player name can include the word “Riot” in it. Your name should not contain personally identifying information (like your real name or address).

What is my Valorant username?

Nope. Your username is the name you use to log in, not the one other players see in-game (like your Summoner Name in League of Legends).

Is Valorant name unique?

VALORANT is already one of the most anticipated games of the year. … You have one username for your account and one for your game ID. If you’re from North America, for example, your ID will be unique to that region. This means if someone has taken your name already, you’ll have to be creative and think of a new one.

Why can’t I change my Riot ID?

You may be prompted to login via two-factor authentication or input a code sent to your email. Once your name is changed, it cannot be changed again for 30 days unless Riot flags your ID as offensive and forces you to change it.

What is a Riot tagline?

Your username is used to log into your account, but your Riot ID is your display name across all games. Your tagline is an up to five-character hash following your username. The combination of these two features means that neither one has to be unique, as long as the combination is original.

What region is Singapore in Valorant?

Southeast Asian
The sub-region of Malaysia and Singapore is another of the more contested scenes in Southeast Asian Valorant, considering that the individually capable scenes of both countries meet more often than most.

How do I change my Riot password?

To do that, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Riot Games account at
  2. Click on My Account on the top right corner.
  3. Choose Settings in the drop-down menu and select Account.
  4. Click on the edit icon next to your password.
  5. Enter your old password, create a new one, retype it, and then click Submit.

What is my Riot ID and tagline?

To be clear, your Riot ID is a combination of your display name and a tagline underneath. Most people have a tagline or hashtag based on their region or a combination of auto-generated numbers. You can change it and personalize it.

Why is my Riot ID NA1?

Your tagline is the region you’re playing in or a number assigned to the tag. For example, if you’re playing in North America, your tagline will be #NA1.

Where is the Riot ID in wild rift?

Go to Account Settings and then navigate to the Riot ID section. Now, click on the edit option present with your Riot ID, and you will get the option to set a new Riot ID.

How do you add friends on Valorant without tagline?

Once you log into your Valorant account, you will see a small pop-up notification box on the bottom right corner of the screen with all the new friend requests. To accept a friend request, you simply need to tap on the green ‘Add Friend’ button. To deny a request, you can hit ‘X’ right next to ‘Add Friend’.

How old is my Riot account?

Contact to Riot Games Support Team

You can go to the Riot Games Support website and create a ticket. To create a ticket, simply click “Submit a Ticket” and fill in your contact details. Depending on the availability, the support will reach you as soon as possible and tell you the account age of your League account.