How do I know if my outboard is long or short shaft?

Measure from the top of your transom to the bottom of your keel. If it is from 15″ to 17″ long you’ll need to get a Tohatsu outboard with a “short” shaft. If it is from 20″ to 22″ long you’ll need our “long” shaft outboard.

What is considered a short transom?

If your boat has a Transom Height 15″-16″ you will need short shaft and if it is 20″-21″ you will require long shaft engine. Small inflatables and dinghies tend to require ‘short shaft’ engines whilst larger boats usually require long or in some cases special ultra long shaft versions.

What is the shaft length on an outboard motor?

Shaft length:

The shaft length announced by the outboard manufacturer is the vertical distance between the inside of the clamp and the cavitation plate. (We will not argue about names here but the proper name for the cavitation plate is ant ventilation plate). Shaft lengths come in multiples of 5″ (127 mm).

How do you measure a short shaft?

Will short shaft motor work 20 inch transom?

If you set the motor back far enough without jacking it up, a short shaft will work on a 20″ transom.

What happens if you put a long shaft motor on a short shaft boat?

You will drag your motor on the ground. You will have terrible performance, may not even get on plane depending on size of boat. Probably will lug due to hanging so low and could burn a hole through a piston. You really have to raise that engine up.